50+ Funny College Memes Every Students Will Relate To


College, the word is enough to make us feel nostalgic as college days are considered as one of the best phases of our life. And college memes brings the same old things back into our life.

50+ Funny College Memes Every Students Will Relate To

College memes to every fact about the college days, right from the bonding between two friends to the group adventure into an unknown world, the one special professor who always tries to send the newcomers to hell by giving enormous projects with a short deadline, the excitement of going to a new campus, making new friends (and sometimes new foes too!), getting pampered by one beloved teacher, etc.

Me while studying: Damn, What a nice wall.

college memes

My teacher posting dates for next week’s exams
college memes

Me enjoying university life.

Best graduation cap ever.

college memes

College life will be better than school

I still din’t finish the conclusion.

When you feel guilty about not studying.

Me staring awkwardly at that stranger with a sus big bag

college memes

Afraid to check grader & bank balance both.

college memes

No friends in college

The whole college thing was your idea.

Well, Well, Well, How the turntables…

college memes

Me, a dumb guy going to college, still a dumb guy after college, but with debt.

college memes

I’ll see you tomorrow.

college memes college memes college memes college memes college memes college memes college memes college memes college memes college memes

Let us give a glance at memes,

  1. I call my backpack a school bag, but I read in college.
  2. I was late to attend college, so I jumped for crossing the guard wall, then I remembered that my college’s backside gate is always open.

College memes out the things that we tend to forget as time goes by. Reading these memes, we relive our days and burst into a laugh. It makes one happy as they are reminiscent of their precious past, mainly if he once lived a hostel; college memes various contents the hilarious hostel foods valuing the days’ college students have survived.

Although it is thought that college days are the best part of life, it is the worst painful part if you think of all the nagging of the dramatic professors, the always going late types natural strategy, boring long assignments, and not to mention the exams!

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Being a student, you can face all these, but you also have to overcome all these solely by yourself. So, do not get upset or depressed. Use college memes as an advantage tool. First, take a break, go online and search for some college memes, read plenty of them and be cheerful and then start your study again. This way, you will be balanced between stress and relief. Do not lose the golden days just because of stress, have fun, read college memes and keep making precious memories.

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