According to a survey, nearly 60% of students claimed that online learning is worse than classroom learning. So, it’s evident that many students find it challenging to attend online classes and essay services regularly. But because every school had to switch to online, a worldwide existence of online school memes emerged. It must be an online school student or sufferer at first, but they achieved significant popularity in just a few days. If you want to check out some of the best online school memes, take a look at our collection here.

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50+ Funny Online School Memes That Every Student Can Relate To

We have a collection of the funniest memes for you.

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Online school memes brought out the frustration and agony of students created by the monotonous schedule of online classes. Students, as a generation, tend to use smartphones or computers majorly for recreation before the pandemic era. Although Digital technology had covered a significant part of their syllabus and daily activity, it had never been the only way of teaching and learning. Thanks to the pandemic, it is now. And so is the apparent boredom online school invites. That’s why students need to unwind their minds by sharing our unique funny online school meme collection. Some of the trending online school memes are:

I divorced my school shoes. We are no more in a relationship.

A half uniform is trendy.

A sudden glitch during exams is the biggest scam.

Like every classroom has one clown, every online class has a student without a name, and he is annoying.

Online school memes have brought moments for students to have a sign of relief apart from the daily monotonous schedule of staring at the screen and taking notes all day. In-person teaching has always been fun because it involves meeting friends, physical activities, and sometimes, increased learning capabilities. Though students enjoy appearing for online exams more, the routine schedule of ‘staring at the computer constantly’ has a significant impact.

Students learn more in an open, communicative atmosphere. While it may be easier to write online exams, it is not the best way of learning. After the coronavirus is over, schools may include online and offline teaching modes to provide the most valuable and worthy learning experience. So, hold on, dear ‘future of our world.’ It is tough, but this phase will go away soon. So, students who are taking a break now, click on to see the funniest online school memes right away, and don’t forget to share with your friends.