Are you confused regarding what to wear and what not to? While you are in college life or school life! If you are searching the below points it will not make you think so long. College life/school life is the stage which teaches us how to dress up that make a person to look decent or in a professional look because this can help you further to get judged by others from your dressing sense. So here is the answer to your questions regarding the college fashion.

college fashion

College Fashion Every Student Must Follow – Our top 10 Picks

“Fashion is what you like to wear” AND Have a sense that you are already famous and dress up in your own fit. Here are some college fashion tips, exclusively for you.


College Fashion

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Wearing a formal outfit will make you look very professional person wear formals with a shirt and can have some light print on it or it can be plain, with trousers. When you are wearing formals, you have to make it sure that you wear perfect ironing which makes you look very professional.

When we talk about the color combination in formal colors should be like match light color shirt with dark color trousers. Because light color attracts more. Also, match your shoes/ belly with your belt and watch with dark or light colors and yes when we talk about socks should match it with your trouser color that should not have a loose elastic. That is for boys and for girls can wear belly shoe that too without socks under the formal. Can have a light color nail paint with legs and hands too.

Trousers it should be until the heels of the shoes. Shoes should not make a noise.



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Girls can wear a Scarves that matches your outfit. With properly tied up. And boys should wear a tie. With plain, dark, light, or polka dots tie.



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One can also try wearing a blazer and always close the middle button when you wear it in a formal way and can also wear it in a normal casual outfit. Blazer will make you look very unique. However, this college fashion is suitable for presentations only.



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Anyone a boy or a girl can wear a casual t-shirt that can be plain or a with slogan or flowers printed with cotton or synthetic or nylon material. T-shirts or shirts with thin or thick strips with a cross or checks linings, square that is medium or small, big or medium size on it, also with a polka dots.



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Earing’s that should neither be too small nor too large and long. Sometimes it’s okay to wear Even a choker in a neck but do not wear too much of gold if you want to wear a gold chain it should be very thin and lightweight. It should be of silver, gold, and a costume jewelry piece. Metal is having a cover so you can always have a match with your outfit. It affects your personality.



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Every day you wear jeans which sometimes make you very cozy but now leggings are the latecomer which is very smooth and will make you very comfortable. It makes us feel like we have worn nothing in the legs that will make us feel so comfortable. So, you can have it for your college fashion and can wear it anywhere you go. Leggings are very functional outfits that can be worn and make your own outfit. You can also match it with your top colors. We would recommend basic leggings, with prints and leather/denim ones!



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A brown, skin, and black color pair will match your outfit during the summer, winter, or spring seasons. This will make you of the confusion about what I am going to wear and at what time. (either jeans or shorts). Will make your outfit look beautiful. Shoes can be worn, flouts but make sure that do not wear socks under the flouts and belly, casual flouts, and not wear diamond chappals.



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Leather jackets in winter or of seasons will make you look very unique. Sometimes wearing a jacket is good. To make a different look. It is truly said that forget everything else and wear what you like it.



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This is something like a unique combo that makes you look outfit very cute. This is the one that never goes out of style you can also use it like tie it to a waist. Use it as a jacket. Wearing this doesn’t make you feel so hot or cold. It looks good with black leggings and a boot.


Fancy College Outfit

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Need a fancy outlook dress for parties. Black is the dress which suits every person. Which can work as to go for dinners at someone’s house or job or event?

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