Looking for sexy Halloween Costumes for Women? Halloween is approaching near and women need to start shopping for the Halloween parties. Halloween is all about the scare element but just concentrating on the spookiness is a little juvenile. For this Halloween Party, try out some sexy Halloween costumes for women trending this year. When dressing sexy for Halloween, you don’t need to look like you have just stepped out of a playboy magazine. The sexy Halloween costumes for women are bold but not outrageous.

Here are a few sexy Halloween costumes for women to wear at the Halloween Party-

Sexy Wonder Woman Costume-

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Wonder Woman outfit is considered to be one of the most sexy Halloween costumes for women. According to google trends, Wonder Woman outfit was one of the most looked up Halloween outfits this Halloween season. TheWonder Woman movie which was released this summer fared exceptionally well at the box office. Donne a red corset top, blue short skirt, a badass headpiece, armbands and knee-high boots. Do not forget to put on your red cape.

Harley Quinn Costume- Suicide Squad

Source- Forbidden Planet

The Harley Quinn Outfit should be tried by women who want to look badass. even though Suicide Squad was released last year, the character Harley Quinn has not stopped trending. Harley Quinn is by far the best character in Suicide Squad. This outfit is not only sexy but it also is very powerful. The non-blondes will have to either wear a blonde wig or dye their hair. Part your hair from the middle and wear two high tails. Streak either side of the ponytails red and blue respectively. You’d also need to wear red and blue eyeshadow, red lipstick, and a fake tattoo.

Princess Leia Slave Outfit

Source- Travelivery

Star Wars never gets old. Carrie Fisher had rocked this outfit in Return Of The Jedi. This Princess Leia outfit is the best choice for start Wars nerds who want to look sexy. Alternatively, if your boyfriend is dressing up as Darth Vader then this outfit would get along with his perfectly. This outfit is best for women who are not afraid to show some skin. The outfit is basically a bikini, with drapes, belt, and choker. You can wear it with brown boots or stiletto heels.

 Sexy Catwoman Halloween Outfit

Source- Amazon

Catwoman outfit is one of the most timeless and sexy Halloween costumes for women. This costume is best suited for the women who want to look sexy but don’t want to expose too much skin. Women who want to flaunt their curves without showing skin should definitely get this outfit. To wear the perfect Catwoman look, you would need black body-hugging jumpsuit, black chunky belt, eye mask, and boots.

Black Widow From Avengers Costume

Source- Yandy

When talking about sexy Halloween costumes for women, how can we miss the alluring Black Widow. One of the sexiest superhero’s Black Widow made a comeback in the movie Avengers. Scarlett Johansson outdid herself when she played the role of Black Widow. There is nothing sexier than a woman who can wield a baton. The color black will not only make you look thinner but it will also increase your sex appeal. To notch it up a little, you can dye your hair red.

Sexy Unicorn Outfit

Source- Sparkling Strawberry

Unicorns are trending this year. According to Google’s reports, Unicorn outfits are one of the most googled Halloween outfits this year. This outfit is perfect for women who are into mythical creatures.The outfit not only adds vibrancy and funk but it also is very sexy. For this outfit, you’d need white rompers, a headgear or a rainbow-colored wig with a unicorn horn, a rainbow tail and some fuzzy high boots. If you are good with makeup then you can experiment with pastel shades like pink, blue, and purple. The more daring ones can go for rainbow colored makeup. Do not forget to add lots and lots of glitter.

Sexy Mad Hatter From Wonderland Costume

Source- Heaven Costumes

Are you a fan of Alice In The Wonderland? If yes then donne this sexy Mad Hatter costume. This outfit would suit the needs of a book lover who wants to dress as a fictional character. The character is perfect for the Halloween party because Mad Hatter is not only dark but also obscure. Owing to The Hatter’s penchant for tea parties, grab an antique looking kettle in one hand to complete your look.

The Jane from The Jungle Costume

Source- Pinterest

The Jungle Jane Halloween costume should definitely be worn by those who are going to the Halloween party with a male partner. You can have your male partner dress up as Tarzan. For the Jungle Jane look, you would need an animal print crop top, a matching short skirt, and a spear. Scare everybody at the party with your primitive look. You can put on some brown felt boots or go bare feet if you really want to get into the character.

Sexy Cinderella Halloween Costume

Source – Masquerade Express

If you are a fan of fairy tales then perhaps you should give a try to this Sexy Cinderella Outfit for the Halloween party this year. The old school plain old Jane kind of Cinderella is boring. Try this sexier and bolder spin to the boring old Cinderella. Instead of the ball-gown, put on a corset top, a tutu skirt, fishnet stockings and killer heels. Also, wear white gloves because you are the royalty.

Sexy Zombie Outfit

Source- Yandy

Zombies are scary. Without zombies, this list would have been incomplete. Zombies are perfect for Halloween. They are spooky, they are scary and you can experiment with the dress. As long as you are wearing rags, you’d look convincing as a zombie. You would need to practice a wide-eyed hungry look. Splatter fake blood over your clothes and around your mouth. Put on some face powder to make your skin look pale. You can carry a small ax as a prop.

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