Did you get an invitation for a beach wedding? Yes? Then its time to excite and happy. But the next question is what to wear to a beach wedding? These things don’t come in the email with the invitation. Don’t be clueless and select the perfect dress. But how?

We are here to solve your problem about what to wear to a beach wedding. Now reduce the tension around you and dream about yourself with the perfect dress, wedding, and dancing with the toss.
Let’s start then:

Firstly read an invitation carefully, as it can narrow your choice of selection.
Select the fabrics like cotton, georgette, linen, chiffon, etc. because they are light and graceful.
Choose yellow, orange, aqua or other lively colors which set the exact mood for the beach wedding. Think about the dress which is airy and smooth. That’s why Maxi dresses of above colors never fail you.

If the invitation says semi-formal- short length dresses in blue, aqua or pastel will work for sure.
For evening rituals, short dresses are perfect. Select light colors that balance the cloudy evening sky.
If you are not one of the bridesmaids, then make sure you are not wearing a dress that looks same with the team.

Beach means breeze so don’t go over the board with cuts, length or the flare. Otherwise, you will draw everyone’s attention for the wrong reasons.
Accessories are played key role and take your gaze to the next level. Small contrast colored bold piece can complete your getup.

Footwear is the next thing to be considered, Don’t select stilettos as it is not a regular party. The ceremony is happening at a beach let’s take a change. Any fancy flats sandals are always an excellent choice for this destination.
Without missing carry a stole or scarf, because some places can get cold and uncomfortable.

what to wear to a beach wedding?

Here, we give some ideas about what to wear to a beach wedding.

what to wear to a beach wedding?

1. Maxi Dress with combination of black and golden

This type of dress looks good for an afternoon wedding as well as for an evening. You can dress with your accessories depending upon the time of the occasion. If it’s an evening event, then jazz up your accessories a little, and match up with the dark sky. If the wedding is during the day, then keep your ornaments more bold and matte. To show your sexy back, pin up your hair in a chignon bun, light shade of lipstick is a perfect match. A small platform heel or flat sandals look complete.

2. Long Black Dress having lace

As I said earlier for a beach wedding nothing is better than a maxi dress. Go with long, fitted but flowing maxi dress that is attractive and stylish. The lace at the neck and hands are adding enough explanation for the dress to stand out without being too flashy. Wear the bracelet and small black heel. Set your hair cascading curls with a black or silver clutch.

3. Long Layered Dress

Layered dresses are stylish if it is treated well. Light blue dress with a silver dotted belt that cinches at the chest and the blue layers that slope like a waterfall makes it allure.

4. Satin Saree with Embroidery

If the beach wedding is in India or you choose a saree, too. It never fails you. After all, it is one of the most luxurious pieces of cloth a woman can wear. Choose easily manageable yet charming peach-colored saree. Go with a plain neck, big earrings, dark lipstick and necessary hand accessory. It looks perfect!

5. Asymmetrical A-Line Dress

An interesting asymmetrical dress of navy blue color with lace and silk is unusual and party-like. It is ideal for the beach wedding. You can select with lilac jewelary or go completely contrast.

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6. Free flowing Silk Dress

It is an attractive choice of dress. Instead of the typical figure-hugging silhouettes, try something new like this with wavered sleeves and the thick belt around the waist. Keep your jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup as beach appropriate. And have fun with it.

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7. Light Coloured dress with Short Lace

Different from simple or plain light colored, this lace dress with a combination of red is a great choice for daytime beach weddings. You need simple and classy dresses to deal with the heat, especially in summer. Wear large golden rings, red color lipstick, a golden clutch and with a small heel, to complete the look.

8. Short Black Covered Dress

A short black covered dress like this might if your invitation says semi-formal dress code. The glossy satin bow creates an effective silhouette while the floral work adds elegance and sophistication in equal portion. Wear strappy flat sandals, clutch your hair and pearl drop earrings to look beautiful.

9. Silk Georgette Keyhole Halter Dress

A silk purple pleated short dress with looks right for the surf and sand.
This dress looks charming during evening and night. Wear flat sandals or small heals. Select a bracelet of a proper match if you wish to wear.

10. Flowery Maxi Dress

Flowery maxi dress of silk with a small slit and boat neck is another choice. The Azure gown merges gorgeously with the blue backdrop. A little detail like the side slit has changed this dress in just the perfect proportion. Leave your hair open and select other accessories that describe you. Wear flat sandals.
Now you know that what to wear to a beach wedding, what are you waiting? Go and select the right dress before it is chosen by someone else. Stop dreaming and be ready for the wedding.
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