Many students struggle with academic papers. It is clear that sometimes, a student might not have the needed skills or knowledge to write a nice paper. Then, the best option is to order it on the But sometimes, it happens that a student writes a paper and believes that everything is fine until the teacher returns it for revision or gives a very low score for it. In most cases, all those drawbacks that spoil everything are small details.

Checklist to Make Sure Your Paper Is Ready for Submission

How to avoid forgetting about small details that matter so much? How can you make sure that your paper complies with all the requirements? To avoid any issues with your paper, we have prepared for you a comprehensive checklist to make sure once more that your paper is ready to be submitted.

Check Instructions Once More

Open the instructions your teacher gave you. Read each point one more, one by one. Haven`t you forgotten anything? Did you do your best to follow all the indications? If you have doubts about something, return to the paper and double-check the issue. Fix it if needed.

Did You Follow the Structure?

Check if you can see the paper structure clearly.

  • Does it start with an introduction?
  • Did you make your reader engaged?
  • Did you manage to introduce the main topic in an interesting way?

If you are happy with the introduction, move to the main part of the paper. Here, check the following:

  • Is the transition from the introduction to the main part smooth enough?
  • Does the main part cover the topic? Does it explain your views? Are there any confronting views and have you managed the confrontation properly? Did you explore the topic?

After the main part is over, move to the conclusion. Here, check the following:

  • Does it cover all the points?
  • Is it short enough?
  • Does it include the ideas only that were in the paper? Didn’t you add anything?
  • Does it summarize the topic and provide the conclusions that you have made?

Check the Paper Voice

After the structure is checked and approved, move to the entire paper again. But this time, check the writing style, the voice of the paper. It should be academic. No deviations are allowed because it will influence the general impression of your paper.

Citations Should Be Made Correctly

This is one of the parts that most students hate. Citations: the always bother, however, we all know that they are important. Check if you included all the needed citations and if they are arranged according to the requirements. Once more, read relevant sources where they explain step-by-step how to arrange your cited sources according to one or another citation style. Make sure you double-check each comma, each full stop because they are important.

Some More Technical Details

Compare with the requirements if the word count of your academic paper is as it is needed. Make sure the number of cited sources is not less than it is required. Once more, recheck other requirements.

Proofread Your Paper

This is the final stage of your work. Usually, we would recommend taking a short break, a couple of days, before you start with the proofreading. But considering that you have already written your academic masterpiece and now, you are just polishing it, you might just ignore this tip.

Read your paper attentively. Make sure all the paragraphs are connected with each other and have smooth transitions from one to another. Check the paper readability in general.

Now, it is time to fix all the grammar mistakes if there are any. As well, at this stage, you might want to edit typos, misspelled words, and so on. Usually, a common review function detects the majority of such mistakes. However, a human eye is still needed to accept the correct suggestions and to deny the wrong ones. As well, there are many tools online to check spelling, grammar, and so on. Most of them can be used for free. But if you want special features, you can even buy a Pro-subscription to your preferred editing solution.

Now, if you have some friends ready to help you, ask them to read our academic paper and comment on the places that they don’t understand or that are difficult to read, and so on. Edit the mentioned place. Replace them with simpler sentences, expressions.

Are you ready with it now? Congratulations, your paper is ready to be submitted. And with all these tips, with this comprehensive checklist, you don`t have a single chance to forget about some small but crucial to your success details. And if your teacher still sends it for editing, it means one thing: the paper that you have written is too good for your teacher to believe that it was written by a student.