Art is always unique and attractive, It is a way of communication that transcends language. Art is more fun when it becomes more and more interactive and participators become equally important for the content in the form of Art.

India’s First Interactive 3D Art Museum In Chennai has been launched and artist AP Shreethar is behind these incredible designs.

Let’s take a look at all the pictures !

1) *Happy family* taking selfie with chimpanzee

Selfie time with the chimpanzee 3d art museum in chennai

2) It seems this kid is having fun after seeing the bull come out of the photo frame in 3d museum.

bull coming out of photo frame at 3d art museum in chennai

3) So you can chill when your body is cut into half

chill when your body is cut into half

4) Have Apple in 3D way

3d feel apple

5) Still hungry ? Have this huge burger 

huge burger in 3d useum chennai

6) Or you can play around with Dolphin 

dolphin 3d painting in chennai museum

7) Contemplate chilling inside a skull 

contemplate going inside the skull 3d museum in chennai

8) Or get fascinated by Bruce Lee’s kick

Bruce Lee’s kick in chennai 3d museum

9) snake coming out of the frame looks super cool ! Already afraid ?

snake coming out of frame chennai 3d museum

10) Puppet dancing anyone ?

Puppet dancing at chennai 3d museum

11) Hahaha wanna try this ?

chennai 3d museum photos

Seems like total fun, right?

Source: Click Art Museum 

Image Source: Click Art Museum