Is Manali or Shimla your next destination for travel? In case it is in the near future, then we would recommend canceling your trip to Shimla or Manali. As per the reports, not less than 250 Roads of Shimla and Manali are blocked because of Heavy Snowfall.

Leading to the Heavy Snowfall in the region, the authorities are advising the people not to visit Shimla or Manali. All the region is blocked due to snow. Therefore, commuting from one place to another would be extremely difficult. Besides that, people wouldn’t be able to enjoy the destination, even if they will reach there!

shimla manali highway snowfall

In a press note, the Kullu Police advised the people not to travel around Manali. Because a lot of routes around the tourist destination are blocked! Apart from that, there are also reports that as many as 300 vehicles are stranded on the roads!

For ensuring the safety of the people, who are already in the region Shimla Police is on its toes. They are continuously updating the circumstances on their social media handles. Hence, ensuring that people, as well as their relatives, are getting all the necessary information on time.

Cancel Plans For Shimla And Manali As 250 Roads Have Been Blocked Due To Heavy Snowfall

Besides that, they have also shared helpline numbers so that anyone stuck can easily reach authorities for help.

Still, the weather is not much clear! Dalhousie in Chamba district, Manali in Kullu district, Kalpa in Kinnaur district and Keylong in Lahaul and Spiti’s administrative center have all received fresh snowfall in the past few days.

People are also reaching out to the Social Media Handles of Shimla Police for help. In case, you or your friends are there, please share this information with them. It might help them save a life!