Laxmi Agarwal quotes: It is said that love is the best feeling in the world but this love turns heated when it is just one-sided and the person you love doesn’t love you back. There have been many stories of people going violent after they got refused by their love and one such story is of Laxmi Agarwal who was just 14 years and wanted to become a professional singer in life. A 32 years old man saw her and instantly fell in love with her but she ignored him and did not bother with him anytime. The man continuously stalked her for a very long time but as expected he rejected her all the time. Lack of interest shown by her for him rose anger in the man and he threw acid on her face in 2005.

10 Quotes by Laxmi Agarwal The Acid Attack Survivor That Show Her Undefeatable Spirit

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This took Laxmi into another zone and we surely will never be able to understand what she might have gone through but we must appreciate all the strength Laxmi drew to continue her life by staying motivated all the time. She thought of getting a job somewhere but got rejected where ever she applied all the time. She then decided to help other women who faced an acid attack and will not let others face problems that she faced in life.

Her efforts to helo and support other acid attack victims bore fruits and she was awarded the International Women of Courage Award in 2014 by Michelle Obama the former US First Lady. While supporting other acid attack victims she met the love of her life Alok Dixit and they both are in a relationship. Though they are not married because a bride’s looks are more important to society than marriage itself, They have a baby girl and live happily together.

Top 10 Laxmi Agarwal Quotes That Will Inspire You

Her story is very inspiring and today we are going to share some beautiful and inspiring Quotes by Laxmi Agarwal that we are sure you will love sharing with your friends and family to motivate them about life.

1) You will know that I am alive, free and thriving and living my dream.

2) I am not a victim, I am a survivor. The man who attacked me will cover his face, I won’t.

3) My main attacker was out on bail within a month and he soon got married. He returned to normal life within a month, but what about me? Nobody even wants to be my friend; how can I even hope that I’ll have a lover or a husband.

4) You will here and you will be told that the face you burned is the face I love now.

5) I Learnt to live with the physical pain but what hurt more was the way the society reacted. My own relatives stopped seeing me as did my friends. I stayed indoors for eight years and ventured out only in a ghunghat.

6) I still sing. I love music. I love partying. I love nail polish. I design and tailor my own clothes. I have desires like you do, Buy I seem to scare off people.

7) The man poured acid on my face not because he wanted to kill me. He did it because he believed I was vain. Because his dream was to keep me locked up within the four walls of my home.

8) We do not believe in capital punishment. We do not ask for acid attacks in retaliation. All that we are asking for is a change in the mentality of society. It is the responsibility of the government to rehabilitate acid attack survivors.

9) You can’t bear to look at us but we don’t have the money to buy ourselves new faces. My friends- Yes I’ve made new friends and they are all acid victims – are mostly blind.

10) He changed my face, Not my heart. He threw acid on my face, not on my dreams.

Wrapup on Laxmi Agarwal Quotes

Laxmi is still fighting along with all the acid attack survivors and waiting for all the justice they deserve. We just want to salute the willpower of Laxmi and want to thank her for all the help and confidence she is giving to all the acid victims. Hats off to you mam, You are doing great work.

Laxmi’s story inspires millions of people daily.