Bad luck doesn’t come knocking at the doors and when you are a news anchor doing a live broadcast you need to prepare for the worst as it’s said that the show must go on! Well, for this Canadian Global News Anchor Farah Nasser, it was swallowing a fly on live TV. Yes, you read that absolutely right. Totally proving that the show must go on no matter what, Farah, the award-winning journalist continued her Live segment even after gulping a fly. We just hope that the fly rest in peace.

Farrah Nasser was doing a live TV broadcast on Pakistan floods when she literally swallowed a fly on air and she is being praised for being so dedicated ever since for being so professional about her work. The journalist for Global News Toronto managed to continue the live segment even after the fly flew straight into her mouth.

Canadian News Anchor Swallows A Fly During Live Broadcast

And after all this Farah wasn’t irked about it at all. Taking it in good humour, she took to her official Twitter account and shared the clip from her live broadcast. Farah said that she had a good laugh at it after calling it “a first-world problem.” In her caption, Farah accepted that she swallowed the fly. The journalist also referred to the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford’s incident of swallowing an insect as he was addressing the public earlier in August.

While posting the hilarious clip, the Global news journalist wrote, “Sharing because we all need a laugh these days. Turns out it’s not just Doug Ford, I swallowed a fly in the air today. (Very much a first-world problem given the story I’m introducing).”

The viral clip starts with Farah delivering a live TV segment on the horrific Pakistan floods. She was seen in the middle of explaining the extreme weather conditions in Pakistan when an insect flew into her mouth. Momentarily, the clip shows Nasser choking and pausing over it but soon she was seen showing incredible professionalism, Farah continued her piece of Live reporting.

Canadian News Anchor Swallows A Fly During Live Broadcast

Despite having a good laugh at it, a lot of Internet users praised her for keeping her calm after her encounter with the fly. One user commented, “‘Holy Christ!’ Unlike Ford, you definitely kept your composure”. Another user wrote, “Tuning in tonight to see if you do the only correct thing to do now, which is obviously to swallow a spider that wiggles and wriggles and tickles inside you.” To which Farah quipped and replied, “Next obvious step.”