British Airways Just Asked Sachin Tendulkar His Full Name And Indians Are Going Crazy On Twitter


The most irritating part during travelling is waiting very long at the airport to collect luggage and losing stuff during baggage. This happen to many people like you and me but not with the famous celebrities.

You are absolutely wrong !!

Sachin Tendulkar the God of cricket was in the USA for ‘All Star Cricket’ tournament and he faced some serious issues with the British Airways. He tweeted about it openly on Twitter .

And in just couple of minutes British Airways started tending on Twitter

Checkout How people got angry on British Airways when they asked for Sachin’s Full Name.


It looked that sachin had a very frustrating day. Checkout the second part of the tweet.


Well waiting too long at airport can frustrate any one, even the calm headed sachin tendulkar.

The reply to sachin by British Airways made them quite popular on twitter.


The British Airways wanted to know Address and his Full Name. And as expected millions of fans of sachin helped British Airways know sachin’s full name. People on twitter started shooting tweets at British Airways and the reply’s were epic.



They were outraged at first !!




This was the most epic and heated up reply to British Airways by Indian Nazi




Old Wounds Sparkled about Maria Sharapova saying that she didn’t know Sachin


Some people seriously warned British Airways !!



Some Humorous jokes were also tweeted to British Airways



We hope this issue is resolved soon and sachin gets his baggage as soon as possible. Watch out British Airways … Sachin fans are coming at you .. lol

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