Historical pools not only act as excellent sources of entertainment but also deliver in itself a story. As of today, there are many of these pools in America that still present you with brilliant functionality. Let’s see below some of the most well-known historical pools in the United States that have stood through the test of time.

1) San Pedro Springs Park: San Antonio, Texas

The San Pedro Springs Park is one of the oldest pools in the United States. Built-in the year 1964, this pool gave brilliant functionality for numerous years till it naturally dried up in the year 1940.

2) Huey P. Long Field House Pool: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

For numerous years, the Huey Long, Field House pool acted as a practice ground for professional swimmers. This pool was among the largest outdoor swimming pool back in the year 1930s. Pool specialists named Seiferth and Dreyfus built the swimming pool on the main campus of Louisiana State University, although it is no longer in operation.

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3) Boston Common Frog Pond: Boston, Massachusetts

This one is also a historical pool in Frog Pond in Boston. This pool places itself at the centre of the Boston public park. This public park was inaugurated in 1634 with three ponds. Altho, only the Frog Pond was able to stand through the test of time.

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4) Deep Eddy Pool: Austin, Texas

The deep eddy pool is comparatively the oldest swimming pool in Texas. The pool was initially a swimming hole till the municipal authorities purchased it. Post some time, they then converted it into a public park.

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5) Underwood Pool in Belmont, Massachusetts

This underwood pool also occupies a place among the oldest pools in Massachusetts. This outdoor swimming pool was formally inaugurated in 1912. Industry veterans state that this pool was the first ever public pool to have incorporated showers and lockers.

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6) Berkeley City Club Pool in Berkeley, California

Built in 1930, this pool has an architectural design that gives quite some hours of relaxation. The Berkeley city club pool was a reflection of the advantages offered by indoor pools.

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7) Hearst Castle, California State Park


This indoor Roman Pool, which also is part of Hearst Castle, is a masterpiece of art coupled with natural light and imaginative tile mosaics by an artist named Camille Solon.

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8) Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Florida

The Venetian pool in Florida is a well-known historical pool today. This ancient pool presents you with a Mediterranean design and a Venetian bridge style.

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