One massive canal-type designed pool that in a real sense a shared pool experience networking together a series of villas at a resort in China, has caught the imagination of the audience on social media platforms and is being posted everywhere on the internet.

Move around the globe and you will undoubtedly witness some mindblowing sights. This is particularly true when moving to China. A visit to Yingde, which is a historical city in the Guangdong Province of China will present you to a picturesque locale well known for its world-famous black tea than its resorts. Situated around 10 miles from Yingde Railway Station places very good views to witness an incredible view to and one of the more curiosity-worthy footnotes on any traveller’s log.

Canal-Style Pool In China

Baodun Lake well known around as “the water city of Venice in Guangdong”, is where you’ll discover the Baodun Lake Hushan Hot Spring Resort. One of the noteworthy characteristics is the wide canal-style pool which covers the whole property of this lovely family resort.

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There have been quite several videos taken covering the resort and the pool, although one of the more well-known videos that we’ve witnessed quite recently is the aerial drone footage that is being uploaded on YouTube.

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Although resorts with these types of pools are turning out to be quite popular in places like Southeast Asia, they still have yet to grip on in the West. Ideally, it can be because our perception of the over-water bungalow experience resembles much more with places like Fiji.

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Canal-Style Pool In China

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