The European countries are full of beautiful places, and when it comes to the Dutch Countries, Amsterdam is a choice for a lot many tourists. Our present article on, Best Cafes in Amsterdam is a compilation of some of our best picks for the cafes in Amsterdam where you can spend a good time with your friends, family or loved one. We hope our efforts will land you to the place of your requirement.

Best Cafes in Amsterdam – Our top 7 Picks

Here is a list of Best Cafes in Amsterdam. Go through all of them, and have a lot of fun enjoying with your loved ones.

1. Grey Area Coffee shop

Grey Area Coffeeshop

Source: Grey Area

With a good and humorous staff and awesome food, the Grey Area Coffee Shop is the best place for people who want to giggle while eating.

Location: Oude Leliestraat 2, 1015 AW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact No.: +31 20 420 4301

2. Coffee shop Best Friends – East

Coffee shop Best Cafes in Amsterdam

Source: Tripoto

With a lot of options to choose from, in a comfortable atmosphere and better service at a convenient cost. The Coffee Shop Best Friends is a good place to hang out with friends.

Location: Niasstraat 1, 1095 TS Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Coffee shop Best Friends – Center

Coffee shop Best Friends - Center

Source: Dutch Coffee Shops

Another part of the Coffee shop best friends chain, both have the same qualities but are located in different parts of the city.

Location: Huidenstraat 13, 1016 ER Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Abraxas


Source: Smokers Guide

With a good staff, mind pleasing music and a section for smokers too, Abraxas has something for offering to everyone.

Location: Jonge Roelensteeg 12-14, 1012 PL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact No.: +31 20 625 5763

5. Bocca Coffee

Bocca Coffee

Source: Bocca Coffee

With a cool interior, best-tasting coffee and delicious cup cakes. The Bocca Coffee is an awesome place for spending a quality time.

Location: Kerkstraat 96HS, 1017 GP Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact No.: +31 321 314 667

6. Barney’s Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Barney's Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Source: Smokers Guide

Good atmosphere, with an extra large menu and a friendly staff Barney’s Coffee shop is one of the best cafes in Amsterdam.

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 102, 1013 EW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact No.: +31 20 625 9761

7. White Label Coffee

White Label Coffee

Source: White Label Coffee

Serving the high quality coffee to people since a long time, White Label Coffee shop is the best place for having long chats with your loved ones.

Location: Jan Evertsenstraat 136, 1056 EK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contact No.: +31 20 737 1359

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