7 Haunted Places In Mumbai That Will Give You Goosebumps

Mumbai As it goes with Folk Tales, some are to be believed, some aren’t. Several places in Mumbai are infamous for being a Hub for Haunting. Adventure helps you get either closure or gives some great stories for the telling. Here are the 7 Haunted places in Mumbai.

7 Haunted Places In Mumbai That Will Give You Goosebumps

1.Taj Mahal Hotel


Source: Tajmahalpalace

The Lavish Hotel is known Usually as One of The haunted places in Mumbai. An incident took place while constructing the hotel. The Chief Architect committed Suicide due to the malfunction when half construction completed. The Dead Architect haunt’s specific parts of the hotel.

2.Naseerganj Wadi

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Nasserjung Wadi adds to the list of haunted place In Mumbai. It’s near Mahim Railway Station. The Parsi guy was burnt alive its approx 16 years ago.  As it said, Naseer’s spirit keeps watching on his property where he injures anyone who tries to obstruct his Asset.


3.Aarey Milk Colony

Source: Holidify

The 10sq km stretch of Mumbai has a weird and scary place, known as Aarey Milk Colony. A narrated story about hearing baby crying.  At midnight time woman in white Saree asking for the lift is said to haunt this beautiful place.

4.Mukesh Hills

Source: TravelThemes

This spot sounds familiar to Shahrukh Starrer Movie ” Om Shanti Om “. East India Company in the early 1870s established, this place called as Mukesh Textile Mills. A reason was due to the killing of thousands of people after a fire broke out. However, the scary history of this Mill is enough to scare who dares to enter the area after sunset.

5.Vrindavan Society

Source: India.com

One haunted place is Vrindavan Society which is One of the most famous and posh societies of the city. The Residents tell about a man who committed suicide and later his spirit haunts the Society. Some destructive force actions witnessed by residents.

6.Jogeshwari, 2nd Floor


Source: HauntedIndia.com

Unnatural deaths around various parts of the Mumbai City has deadly horror stories. Well known for its 2nd floor pink colored building. An unknown person murder the air hostess. People have observed seeing women on the terrace, who seems to be crying all the time. She cries and points out the person who has occupied her house.

7.IC Colony, Borivali


Source: Mumbaiproperties.com

A few years ago a gardener committed suicide. Died in the open garden plot right in the middle of the IC colony.  His spirit is said to harm children while they play. Some unusual things felt my local Resistance indication about his attachment with the garden. One of the haunted site in  IC colony


*This article has been compiled by studying various sources online and offline. We are not trying to create rumours or abuse any place by writing about it so please don’t get serious.

Cover Image Source :- Fear And You

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