If you are getting into audio editing, then this is the right place you have come to. Because without the perfect software, no matter how hard you try you are not going to be a master of audio editing. Choosing the best audio editing software can vary as per your needs however it is the very first step of being a good audio editor. Each of them has a specific task, and in order to be able to edit your music in the perfect way, you will need to select one out of this that is the best according to the requirements. So, without any further ado, let us take a look at below 10 best softwares which are making a storm in the market.

The Best Audio Editing Software List Best Audio Editing Software

1) Adobe Audition – The adobe audition is one of the most popular editing apps worldwide, this app comes with a few unique features that have been created with adobe’s team of experts. So for the professional audio editors, they have finally come up with the all in one app that has eye-catching features like the mixing as well as multi-track editing. There is an option called the audio ducking that uses the Adobe sensei technology which helps you to figure out the volume of the audio in particular places.

2) Logic Pro X – The Logic Pro X is the dream application for all the apple users out there. This is a good starting tool for all the budding editors as they compile the extremely advanced features and options in an easy and user-friendly manner. There is a flex-time option here which helps to edit the timing of one particular note in a waveform. Also, there is an amazing tool called the arpeggiator which converts the chords into arpeggios.

3) Audacity – This is completely free and open source software and one of the Best Audio Editing Software that is easily accessible by anyone that wants to warm up their audio editing skills. There are so many features which you get even for free, like the treble, bass, noise removal, distortion and so on. Other analysis tools come with this software like the beat finder or the sound finder ones, all in all; this is a great package.

4) Reaper – The Reaper is Best Audio Editing Software that has some extraordinary new tools like the support it gives for using multiple tracks as well as the multichannel support system which can support as much as 64 channels per track every single song that you edit. So you can directly record the audio in the mono or stereo mode and suits your specific requirements. The effects with this application are in real time and in a non-destructive way so that the effects look seamless on the audio.

5) FL Studio – The FL studio is insanely popular software that is used by popular artists like the Martin garrix and others for their professional work. It allows things like time stretching as well as shifting of the pitch, so this software has got remarkable potential which you should definitely check out yourself. There are over 80 plug-in like the ones for synthesis or compression, etc. this is a great app if you are professional music artist and want to edit the tracks in a completely professional and high-end way. The results sound amazing.

6) Ableton Live – This application supports unlimited audio as well as various MIDI tracks so you can give multiple layers on whatever project you are doing. Since there are no restrictions on the layers, you can actually use this application to create detailed sounds capes. You also get hold of 70 GB of pre-recorded tracks that can be highly beneficial in your editing process. It is one of the most preferred apps by long-time professionals, but that doesn’t mean that the beginners cannot use this one.

7) Cubase – Cubase is another application that is definitely going to catch your attention. There is a frequency equalizer feature that will let you perform any kind of delicate edit of frequency and fine-tune the audio. The auto pan feature will let you access your tracks quickly and play with them. There is an option by the help of which you can access the filters and various effects separately and test it out before you actually implement it on your track.

8) Presonus Studio One – This one app can make a fast prototype of the songs that you are editing. There are some amazing tools that have never been seen before in software like the key modulation or the chord substitution feature that can actually turn out to be helpful. This app is known to automatically identify all the chords from any track that you upload to it and that is why Presonus Studio one is called Best Audio Editing Software in the music industry.

9) Hindenburg Pro – This one software comes with multitask recording feature that is non-destructive. So it can also import any 24-bit audio files, and there are a plethora of effects from which you can choose from. Some of the options are compressions, EQs, loudness metres and so on. With this software, you can even set up the voice profile that you prefer without having to try hard and fiddle with the app for a long time.

10) Ardour – Even though this is the last one in the list, this one is complete bomb software. This has got almost every feature that any audio editor needs in his or her application. With transposition to cross fades and even more, you are going to get so many options that you will be confused about which one to apply. You get to do unlimited undo and redo which is a good thing if you are prone to making a lot of errors.

So these were the top 10 Best audio editing software that took the market by a storm in 2019. If you are in the hunt for the perfect app, then you are not going to be disappointed with the options provided here.