Since the implementation of Good and Service Tax (GST) in India, we have seen many of our users worried about GST Rates. All the citizens of our country are waiting eagerly to know the impact of GST on their life. The present article on, An Overview of GST Rates in India is your ultimate guide. With the help of which you will be able to easily monitor the effects, GST is going to cause to your life.

There are many kinds of ambiguities with regards to GST right now. We will clear all your doubts, in this article.

GST Rates in India – An Overview

Here is a list of GST Rates in various sectors.

No Tax Goods

In this slab, the goods of daily necessity are kept. Items which you require in your daily use. Food items such as Meat, Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Milk, Buttermilk, Curd, Honey, Fruits, and Vegetables etc. As well as commodities such as Jute, Sindoor, Stamps, Judicial Papers, Printed Books, Newspapers, Bangles, Handloom etc.

Hotel Bills below than Rs. 1000/- as well as Grandfathering Service.

5% Tax Goods

The tax slab of 5% includes the goods which are of daily uses as well as the transport facilities. Petroleum is exempted from the GST, so the GST Rates for Transportation are kept in this slab.

Goods in this categories are Milk Powder, Paneer, Frozen Vegetables, Coffee, Tea, Spices, Pizza Bread, Kerosene, Coal, Medicines, Lifeboats, Cashew Nut, Ice, Bio gas, Insulin, Agarbatti, Kites, Postage or Revenue Stamps, Stamp-Post Marks etc.

12% Tax Goods

In this tax slab, the GST Rates of Business Air Tickets, Non-AC Hotels, Fertilisers as well as Contracts are kept. The list of goods in this category includes the packaged food items as well as indoor games like chess board, ludo etc.

18% Tax Goods

This tax slab includes goods such as Electrical Appliances, Instant Food Mixes, Mineral Water, Tissues etc. While the list of services includes Rooms between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 7500. Five-Star Hotels as well as IT services.

28% Tax Goods

Finally, this tax slab is for luxurious items such as Tobacco Products, ATM, AC, Washing Machines, Luxurious Cars, Vacuum Cleaners etc. While the services such as Rooms above Rs. 7,500, Cinema, Betting as well as Private Lotteries.

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