Right Now, Darjeeling is in news because of many odd reasons. But, there are many reasons to adore this beautiful city. In the present article on, 7 Reasons Why Living in Darjeeling is Awesome we will show you that, why it is a boon to hail from Darjeeling. Go through our article, and praise the beauty of the city.

1. The Spectacular View of Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens Darjeeling

Source: Quest Himalaya

While wandering around the city, you will get a pleasant feeling. This town produces 7% of India’s Total Tea Production. And the view of the tea gardens will make you adore the city more and more.

2. Mind Blossoming Ride of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Source: Tour My India

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is one of the most adventurous Rail Routes in the world. You will love the way the train goes through the green mountains.

3. British Style Public Schools of Darjeeling

Source: anil.biz

There are as many as 52 Primary Schools, 67 High Schools as well as 5 colleges in the city. These schools are designed attractively with the British Style.

4. The Flora and Fauna of Darjeeling

Source: Zeropoint

The Flora around the city includes Sal, Oak, Semi-Evergreen, Temperate and Alpine forests. While the Fauna of the city includes several species of Ducks, Teals, Plovers, and Gulls. Amid such kind of nature, you will definitely love the environment.

5. Food of Darjeeling

Source: Hunt

You will find a unique but very special kind of food in the city. Food, which mostly consists of Rice, Potatoes, and Noodles. You will surely love the taste of their food.

6. The Culture of Darjeeling

Source: India Net Zone

It is the culture mixed up of Nepalis, Hindus, Buddhists, Lepchas, Bhutias, Kiranti Limbus, Tibetans, Yolmos, Gurungs and Tamangs. So you will find a lot of variety in their culture.

7. A Pleasant Feeling Amid Mountains

Source: Thrillophilia

And is there anyone who doesn’t love mountains? The city is situated amid mountains who guard it. And many visitors go there just to feel the greenery of the mountains. You will feel in love with the city once you will reach there.

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