All the Bollywood Stars, Producers as well as Directors

Mayanagri Mumbai.

Subject: To inform you that People accept good movies even in off season.

Respected Bollywood Stars,

Since a long time we are noticing that even bigger Superstars wait for some Festival or for an appropriate time for releasing their movie. But, we are hereby glad to inform you that we do accept good movies at any point of time during the year.

By releasing the movie during festivals or during vacations, you are being defensive about the collections of the movie on the Box Office. Are the movies of Bollywood that much weak that we need to release them at an appropriate time? So that the producer doesn’t suffer loss. If that is really the truth, then it is an utter shame for all of us. That we are not able to deliver the best quality movies.

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Recently released Bahubali 2 is a perfect example of it. Even though during Exam seasons, the movie made lots of collection on the Box Office without any kind of problem. Because the movie had that story line, that quality in it.

Thus, we hereby sincerely request to you. That you don’t need to be afraid of releasing your movie during offseason. If it is worth it, then your movie will surely make tons of collection as well as lots of appreciation.

But, if you still stick to the principle of releasing the movie during Holidays or Festivals. It means for you, your collection is the main thing. And the joy of your fans, as well as the quality of the movie, is binary for you.

Please think about it. We the people also had contributed in making you people a star!

Yours Sincerely,

A Fan of Bollywood