Amsterdam, also known as Venice of North which annually entice millions of tourists from different parts of the world and the city which selflessly hosts over one million natives residing in the country’s cultural and architecture capital which is fully fledged by cris-cross bridges & canal system, is the major attraction for tourists who guises to enjoy the rainy Amsterdam in September.  So, what is there special about traveling to Amsterdam in September, it just only the weather or there are many things yet to explore come and check out the travel advice to Amsterdam by us.

Amsterdam In September – Travel Advice and Weather

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Before, moving to the travel advice let reassure yourself with the weather condition of Amsterdam during September:-

Temperature- 58 degree F (15 degrees C)

High Temperature- 65 degree F (18 degrees C)

Low Temperature- 51 degree F (11 degrees C)

Sea Temperature- 63 degree F (17 degrees C)

Sunshine Hours- 5 Hours a day

Rainfall- 75 mm

Avg. Rainfall days- 10 days

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September can be a prodigious time for the visitors to visit Amsterdam as the summer crowds begin to shrill out, with awaiting cold of winter has yet to set in. Many times, the streaks for sites are not as long at tourist attractions and airfare and rooms are generally beginning to drop during September which itself attracts you to enjoy the wet weather of artistic city. With fewer crowds in the city during the season, Amsterdam still is the popular destination to visit during September. The brighter side of the coin reveals that September consequent is the new cultural season for performance venues. September in Amsterdam still offers plenteous things to do around the city. Terraces, parks, canals, museums, and theater venues are all vibrant while the festival lines up cover everything from outfits to tentative music during the season.

Events during September

Open Monumentendag

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Every second weekend of September – thousands of antique buildings and historical sites are open to the public for free. Moreover, many locations also organize on-site activities like musical performances, exhibitions and guided tours in Amsterdam. Previous year around 900,000 visitors have participated annually, making the Open Monumentendag one of the Netherlands’ premier cultural events. It has time-honored itself as an imperative part of the Dutch cultural calendar and has helped considerably in uniting support for the preservation of historical monuments of Netherlands.


Amsterdam Fringe Festival

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For the next eleven days the fringe festival booms the city by astonishing 80 performances which are themed based on variants like Perfect Human, Gender Bender,  Matters of Mind,  Let’s get Fysical, Tour the Sud, Post Pink Anarchy, Lonely Hearts Club etc.  11 days of theater and dance of new, unknown and feral talent at more than 30 locations in Amsterdam. The Fringe says that “The festival is an ode to the theatrical crazy, independent spirit and a plea for artistic freedom. A thick, intimate embrace of the experiment in the true sense of the word: one of which the outcome can really surprise you.” The Amsterdam Fringe Festival is at the superiorities of the annual Dutch Theater festival which was released in response to the official theatrical medley. It is based on the famous and successful Fringe Festivals like Edinburgh, Adelaide, New York and Delhi.

5D Festive

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The aim of 5D is to achieve that people with an (in) visible disability can take part in the cultural sector, as an actor or in a position behind the scenes. Hence, 5D yields several artistic theatres play autonomously or in co-production with conventional theatre companies. In Festival 5D, disabled actors play next to actors who aren’t disabled. In addition, plays 5D they also develop art installations with a theatrical encounter with the public. The installations can be easily programmed at indoors and outdoors festivals.


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Every September in the Netherlands, denizens, and tourists are treated to a fantastic organ festival known as Draaiorgelfestival. The music players maverick their organs to produce wonderful music. This year in September 2017, Metallica and Neil Diamond will be performing in Amsterdam at Draaiogelfestival.

Must Visit

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Visit in Artis Zoo– With minor crowds and pleasing weather, September makes an abundant time to visit the Artis Zoo. The zoo house is an aquarium, geography museum, zoology museum, and planetarium and provides pleasurable for the tourists.

Famous Flower Market– When it comes to flowers the Amsterdam flowers are damn! Cool and that’s why Amsterdam became the synonyms of the flower. The most famous place to buy flowers is the Bloemenmarkt.

Cafe’s of Amsterdam– For the first time visitors at Amsterdam “Don’t get confused between “Cafe and koffiehuis” Cafe is the place where you can enjoy the essence of casual restaurant and bars whereas Koffiehuis is Coffee House sells Coffee and light meals for the visitors.

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