Classic Shirt and Jeans combinations are an asset for a human body when it comes to clothing. This combination can be killer when matched perfectly on certain occasions. Wheather it’s your first date, a party in the pub or a casual Friday. It’s something which suits both on girls and boys.

Today we have collected some of the best combinations for you which are a must in everyone’s wardrobe.

7 Classic Shirt And Jeans Combinations For Every Wardrobe

Let’s dive in

Usually, people consider Classic Shirt And Jeans Combinations to be a boring combo but you know there’s a lot of unique combinations available for all your parties.


When you want to look a little more decent than all others around you. Go with something which is more attractive to look go with a checked full sleeve shirt instead of a simple white or black shirts.

With checked color shirts you have hell lot of options to explore from so why not take advantage of it and look funky?

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Colors like navy or muted green will give you more of a casual look. Moreover, if you are interested in looking super informal today then checked shirts are the ultimate go to option for you.

White Shirt and Jeans

The Blue jeans and the White shirt combo will never go out of fashion it is best suited for casual outfits. If you have no idea what to wear today when going for a party, or leaving for your college. Just wear the Blue jeans with the White shirt and you will see people start loving you more 😀

Image: Myntra

Shirt and Skinny Jeans

Skinnies are usually for informal looks. Skinnies are for thin people who look amazing in such outfits. It can be paired with a dark colored shirt to create an impact on anyone. Skinnies are used to create different symmetries in your outfit. You can try out different color combination I am sure you will look insanely sexy. Moreover, it will give you more of an urban look.

Image: Levi’s

White Shirt and Black Jeans

Black is one of the appealing colors of all the colors. I have seen people buying Black clothes like crazy. So, again when you are in confusion just pick up that Black jeans with a White shirt and just wear it. You will be amazed at how you are looking just go in front of your mirror and guess what? You are looking freaking hot.

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Oh boy! How can we forget Denim? Of course, we cannot. Demin is a pride for all the wardrobes. It’s like a forever trend. Demin comes in informal outfit category.

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The Demin mild-bluish color makes it more premium to wear and attractive to see. I bet when you’ll wear a Demin shirt people would surely love to be around.

Chambray Shirt – White Jeans

Have you ever heard the name double-denim? It a perfect combo when worn with white jeans. There’s  a denim known as Chambray Demin yes you might have heard that name for the first time but the classy look it gives is worth talking about.

Image: Modern Man Collection

The white will, of course, lead you a class apart from all the other people and the mild colored Chambray denim will mix with the white color on your body. It’s a must have paid in your wardrobe.

If you don’t have it yet rush to your nearest store and get one for you. 😀


Oxford is probably one of the known shirt design out in the market. It is made for the casual look. There is a golden rule of thumb here which I would love to share with you all is “lighter tops go better with darker jeans”. So next time when you go for shopping keep this golden tip in your mind before buying anything.

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Also when you go for shopping don’t forget to buy an Oxford for you. Haha!

Concluding Thoughts

I hope you loved the article and the tips I shared about Classic Shirt And Jeans Combinations. Let me know in the comments section which all Shirts and Jeans combo you already have?

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Until we meet next time. Peace 🙂

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