Searching for Advantages Of Social Media. Well, As you know Gone are the days of penning letters and waiting for days to have an answer. You do not have to worry about your letter not reaching the recipient in time; you can now see if the recipient got the message or not and even the last time he was online for a chat! Social media revolutionized the way people communicated and shared views and opinions. In the present day, social media is a force to be reckoned with. With the metoo movement taking place all over the world and shaking the entertainment industry just a few days back proves how social media has come a long way from just communicating with friends and family to providing a platform for revolutionary movements.

All the web 2.0 applications form a part of social media from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter. Over the past few years, there were many social media sites that fell off the popularity ladder and died like Orkut or MySpace. Why is social media so popular? Why has it taken the world by storm? One of the main reasons why everyone from old to young took to social media was because people have this inherent urge to communicate all the time and be updated about the latest news.

Top 10 Advantages Of Social Media

Social media provided them with a much faster and convenient way to share news and lay their opinions. Also, it helped in globalizing the world and bringing people closer. Let’s take a look at some of the best advantages of social media –

1) Easy News Sharing

advantages of social media

While you can always turn to TV news channel and newspapers for your source of information regarding what is happening in your country and elsewhere, social media provides a faster way of sharing news. TV news reports are not as fast as social media updates. You can go to Twitter and check the trending hashtags to know what is happening in the world whether England won the World Cup or North Korea launched another nuclear missile! The sharing buttons allow you to easily share links to the news to your contacts, which reduces the percentage of ignorant people.

2) Online Support Groups

Online Support Groups is one of the best advantage of social media

So many individuals paste a smile on their faces and go to work despite feeling empty on the inside. Not everyone can cope with the pressures of the current competitive world; in that case, people need an outlet, a friend who lends an ear. With an increasing number of suicides, a number of support groups have popped up on social media to save the next person from taking his own life.

3) The Charitable Side Of Social Media

online charity and fund raising through social media

NGOs, orphanages, and so many other charitable foundations find it easier to raise funds for their charitable causes with the help of social media. They can promote their content and ask for donations from thousands of internet users on social media. Social media also makes it easier for people who wish to donate to reach out to these organizations, in case they have any queries. Not only that, but with the help of social media, these organizations recruit people or volunteers more easily.

4) Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are

advantage of social media is you stay connected with people

You can be in a cave, and you can still stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues. The only thing you need is a mobile phone and a tower. You do not have to write postcards or find an ISD booth to call your family if you are currently living seven oceans apart from them. You can just Skype them, or log in to your Facebook account and be updated on who got married and who had a baby shower! You can then pick your phone and send them a congratulatory text immediately, without any of the ISD charges!

5) Meet New Friends

you can meet like minded people on social media

Social media allows you to not only keep in touch with your current friends and friends from your childhood but also helps you to find friends who share similar interests as you! Social media helps foster friendships between people, and it has given growth to online or virtual friendship replacing penpals. You can find people on social media who are obsessed with space or the Marvel Universe or k-pop, and then you can get invited to their online group! Friendships blossoms between people belonging to different cultures and countries. It increases tolerance and promotes globalization.

6) Online Book Clubs

Book Clubs and group readings are not just held in your neighborhood library or your neighbor’s house; now, you can also join book clubs online. Find a book club that suits your taste and send them a message to join as a member. The advantages of book clubs on social media are that the members come from varied backgrounds, and you can see how similar interests can bring people from all over the world, together.

7) Social Media Can Be Used To Fight Crimes And Alert People

advantage of social media is that it Can Be Used To Fight Crimes And Alert People

If you saw someone strange lurking around in your school or your neighbourhood, you can always use social media to alert others living on the same street as you. It can be used to bring forth a company’s bad service or some highly reputed person’s bad character. It can be used to voice the injustice you have faced in the hands of any organization.

8) Online Reputation Matters

Companies now do not just invest in advertisements, but they also invest a lot in social media marketing and online reputation managers, to make sure that their image does not crumble because then that would be bad for both their partners and their customers. More positive comments and testimonials mean better business for the company.

9) Social Media For Promotion

If you have a company or you are an artist, you can use the power of social media to promote yourself and grow your business. Regularly posting content helps you keep the interest of your visitors. You can earn money online quickly by selling your product or services on social media

10) Better Customer Service

advantage of social media is Better Customer Service

You can connect with your customers directly through social media accounts.

Wrap up on Advantages of Social Media

Although social media has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages, one of them being cyber bullying but if you stay away from contact of bad people then surely you can get amazing advantages of social media and make a quality living out of it.