A Couple Is Making $9000 Per Instagram Photo While Traveling – How?

There are many people who are making money online. Here is an article about, A Couple Making $9000 Per Instagram Photo While Traveling – How? in which we are going to recite a story of Jack and Lauren, who are living a life making money from their photographs, Lets checkout this couple pics.

Couple Is Making $9000 Per Instagram Photo

Picture speak perfectly about any situation. Here is a graphical representation of their life.

Introduction to the Couple

Source: Instagram

A couple, living off traveling and taking photographs!

How many followers do they have?

Source: Instagram

As of now, Jack is having almost 2.8 million followers, whereas Lauren is just about to cross 2 million followes.

Who pays them?

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Brands and Tourism countries pay them $3000 to $9000.

Their History

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Before they met, Jack was a carpenter and Lauren a self-taught photographer.

Where did they meet?

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They ended up with each other, 2 years ago in Fiji. Now, settled in Indo-Asia.

What are they doing now?

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They manage to travel once every month to a different country.

How do they take photographs?

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With the help of tripods and timer remotes, they take their photographs.

How much money do they make?

Source: Instagram

Their expense of their every trip is done from the selling of their photographs.

Their blog – Do you travel

Source: Instagram

They are also having a blog, Do You Travel in which they publish their photographs.

Editing of the Photographs

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For editing the photographs, Lauren uses Lightroom from Mac.

Suitable time for Photography

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Their perfect time for photography is an hour after sunrise.

No use of Mobile Applications

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There isn’t any use for Mobile while editing the photos.

From where they get inspiration?

Source: Instagram

Their main source of inspiration is photograph from Pinterest and Instagram.

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Fulfilling their dream

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Do you love the way they are following their dream?

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