According To Study, Indians Travel To Show Off Instead Of Enjoying Holidays

Exploring different places is a dream for many but now it has become a social media trend. People used to go on holidays to feel relaxed and have some fun with their family members or loved ones, but the scenario has been changed and now they travel to click pictures so that they can share them on their social media handles. You might be wondering what it is wrong with me, but friends this is the reality!

According To Study, Indians Travel To Show Off Instead Of Enjoying Holidays

“I have posted my picture as my Instagram story, let’s see how many views I have got”, this is the mindset of people nowadays. They will visit a place, click it, put it on their story and move away from there without even exploring it properly. Yes, clicking pictures is important and sharing it with your loved ones is also fine but this can be done once your trip is over. Suppose, you are visiting your favorite holiday destination, no other person will be happier than you at that point, but when you are at your place, be there and enjoy the moment by looking at the place. Ask people what is best to do there and how you can enjoy more. Take pictures and keep your phone or camera back in your bag instead of posting them online instantly.

Indians Travel To Show Off Instead Of Enjoying Holidays

A study did by reveals that the majority of people travel to show off their vacations instead of actually enjoying it. You might not agree with this information but if you are one of them who posts a lot on social media about trips and vacation then you should think on this point. Social media has taken over many happy moments that we used to enjoy when we were small. Today’s kids know how to access YouTube but they don’t know the fun of outdoor games that we as kids used to play.

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