Looking for 90s fashion? The 90’s was an era which had some really different trends, and no matter what people say, but everybody was in love with them. Denim was way in fashion and we’re sure you remember the velvet chokers and high length sneakers. From cropped tops to slip dresses, this era had it all and it is surely a decade which is worth remembering and reliving.

90s Fashion Trends for 2018

This decade had an amazing sense of style, and for some reason it still hasn’t gone out of fashion. The 90’s trends have definitely made a comeback in the 21st century and even though people have topped it up with their own sense of style, but the essence of it still remains. Here, we have bought to you 10 of the 90s fashion trends which are still in fashion today

1) Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket 90s fashion

Leather Jacket 90s Fashion

Even though it might seem a tad bit expensive, but once you purchase a leather jacket, it would surely last for at least a couple of years. And this is one such thing which goes with almost anything. And it never really went out of style, even though people started wearing them less as they entered the new decade, but it’s totally back for this season.

2) Chokers

chockers 90s fashion

Chokers 90s Fashion

In the 90’s fashion there were so many types of chokers that you were spoilt for choice. From neon chokers, to tattoo chokers, people were spoilt for choice in that era. And they are totally in now! We’re sure you must have seen so many of the ladies out there wearing it around their neck. And what more, it actually goes with most of your western outfits, specially a crop top.

3) High Waist Denims

high denims 90s fashion

High Waist Denim 90s Fashion

Back then, it was usually about wearing really tight high waist jeans, ripped up at places. This trend wore off a bit in between but now everyone loves the idea of a ripped jean. They are pretty comfortable and give a very casual look, and can definitely be teamed up with loose t-shirts. Give it a try if you haven’t right away.

4) Lace

This was sported by a lot of top models in the 90s and people used to love wearing a dress or a top which had net sleeves or probably lace borders. Today, we see a return of this fabric which just a little goth touch to it and it looks absolutely sexy in comparison to the 90s fashion style. You can surely wear this on a nice date with your boyfriend or at a great evening party.

5) Dungarees

90s fashion Dungarees

90s Fashion Dungarees

This outfit which was the talk of the town back then has returned today with a lot more varieties. Be it long or short, if teamed up with a great crop top can give you a casual as well as a sexy look all in one. Even though it’s not there yet, but it surely is on its path back to resurrection.

6) The Bob Cut

The bob cut was the trademark cut of the 90s and almost everyone wanted to try out this new look. The 90s fashion was pretty different but even today there are so many people who are sporting this look that we thing this trend is back in town. Not only does it look amazing, but it also makes you look way younger that your age. So, if you want to hide your age, we suggest you to get a bob cut right away.

7) Slip Dress

The spaghetti strapped dresses were all over back then and it was a great 90s fashion, and now the slip dress has made its way back in town. Even though it is slightly less clingy, it still looks great when this is teamed up with the right footwear. And not just that, it easily takes the shape of your body and hides any flab, making you look really pretty.

8) Overalls

Remember we used to wear them back in school, and it was so comfortable and warm. They still are in the game, you just need to know how to pull them off. It’s hard to find a good pair of overalls, but once you find the one that fits you perfectly, trust us you would love it. Teamed up with high heels, this surely looks gorgeous.

9) Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes 90s fashion

Smokey Eyes 90s fashion

The 90s fashion style had whole loads of smokey eyes in every party, and we sure do see a lot of smokey eyes even nowadays. Fresh make up, with smokey eyes looks as hot as it did back then and is the hottest form of makeup. Apply some thick mascara to it and you are ready for the evening.

10) Round Glasses

90s fashion round glasses

90s Fashion Round Glasses

Even though the 90s fashion made people wearing round glasses a bit nerdy, but now it kind of looks really sexy. People even wear an anti-glare just so that they can sport this look. It surely is a fad right now.

So now that we have bought to you the amazing trends, we hope you can try them out as soon as possible and make a style statement of your own.

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