We all know that Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of india with most number of startups activities being held in this city. Don’t forget that Flipkart headquarters is in Bangalore and IT parks galore, UB City and Infosys and every other famous Startup company is in this beautiful city. Today we have 8 Reasons Why Living In Bangalore Is Awesome.

1) Weather-Always pleasant

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The best part about Bangalore is it’s weather which attracts most outsiders, it is because of its geographical location, this city is 3,000 feet above sea level. Well most people don’t need AC in their home as the climate is always pleasant here. The best part is, no sweating. You will feel cold breeze in your bedroom during night. You can get the feel of living on a hills station here at night.

2) Startups and Entrepreneurship

9 Reasons Why Living In Bangalore Is Awesome

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If recent reports are believed, India is the fastest growing economy with around 800 new companies arising every year. India is ranked 3rd with most number of startups in world. In past one decade Bangalore has reached the heights of development and it is just because of one reason, Development of IT companies. You will find almost all the famous IT companies from around the world have their offices in Bangalore. This factor has pulled a lot of outside crowd to this city and has created enormous Job Opportunities.

3) Food

vadodara street food

What most of the people look for in a city is good Food and it’s the basic and most important part of every cosmopolitan city. As they say “When you are in Rome, do as Romans do” so all you need to do is head towards MTR and Vidyarthi Bhawan to get local taste of food and trust me it tastes delicious. You can your food served in a traditional way. It is a must visit place if you are in Bangalore.

4) Bangaloreans have good reason to party

pubs in bangalore

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Bangalore has couple of microbreweries with excellent craft beer and it is the cup capital of India.You get all different types of beer starting from German to Belgian and many more.

5) Bangaloreans are bouncing on two sides of the same coin, one side offers a lot of progress and success and the other side offers unlimited places to relax, chill out and party

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flipkart office

beer in bangalore

6) Safety – In specific, Womens safety

vadodara safest city in india

Bangalore is one of the safest city in India. You don’t need to worry about crime like theft, assault, and violent in this city. All you need to worry about is street dog’s biting you at the night.

7) partying and culture sound’s very highbrow but don’t worry, Bangaloreans are very chilled out

bangalore gay groupe

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8) It’s alright if you don’t know kannada, In Bangalore most people can converse in english.

auto rikshaw wala

In bangalore you can talk with auto wala in english and he’ll happily reply.

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