7 words which you will hear only in Lucknow!


Every city has its own pretty little Swag, the same comes with people of Lucknow. They often use such words which you might not have even heard. It’s like having our own language. Let’s get into some of the wackiest words used by them. Today we have 7 words which you will hear only in Lucknow!


#1: Rangbaazi-  You must have heard patangbaazi, now relate with rangbaazi and the meaning is not at all same what you guessed. Rangbaazi means attitude, flaunt, show off.
“Ek ladki kya pata liye, jyada rangbaazi dikha rahe hai”

#2: Bhaukaal- Now bhaukaal is almost same as rangbaazi but the only difference is you attain bhaukaal and you show rangbaazi. Bhaukaal comes automatically when you have done something high. We also use ‘Raula’ as a synonym. xD
“Bhai Taj mein party dega, Bhaukaal tight hai.”

#3: Amaa- Amaa is like mandatory to use in the beginning of every sentence. Our casual sentences are not considered to be started without this word. This is no literal meaning, but just shows the friendliness and love in a conversation.
“Amaa chhodo kaha pade ho chakkar mein”

#4: Ghanta- This is my personal favorite. Ghanta basically means ‘Not Possible’. This is often used to end the conversation usually when you are losing a debate. This word went more viral when BB ki Vines started using this.
“Ghanta tumse kuch ho payega beta”

#5: Bawaal or Matter- Well chemistry may have a proper definition for matter, But Lakhnawi has a total different meaning. Matter is usually used for any incident or quarrel. Delhites used ‘Bhasad’ for this.
“Bhai tu jaldi chowk pe aaja auto wale se matter ho gaya hai”

#6: Toota- General translation means broken piece, but Lakhnawi used this for asking change (smaller denomination of money). We don’t say khulle or change, we say “Bhaiyya 10 ka toota dedo.”

#7: Tafree- This is more like a word derived from awadhi culture. Tafree simply means ‘FUN’. When you go out with your friends, you do tafree.
“Chal gunj chalte hai, tafree karenge”

So these were some of the most common inventions from Lakhnawi language. You won’t get confused now if you visit Lucknow.

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