They say it right, there is something different with the city that never sleeps and the people who are super cool when it comes to helping each other, Yes we are talking about Mumbai Meri Jaan.

Recently a couple of days back a pregnant lady was traveling to Sion hospital on a local train at around 10:15 pm as she was experiencing abdominal pain.

The pregnant lady who is just 22 years old was traveling from Ambivali to Sion with her husband and suddenly started experiencing pains till Dadar station, she somehow controlled but later the pain was unbearable.

Mumbai Local Stops For 30 Mins As 22-Year Old Woman Delivers Baby On Train With The Help Of Passengers And Doctors

The husband of the pregnant woman asked other passengers to help them, They also alerted the on-duty police, and later pulled the chain to halt the train. The doctor at the Dadar station helped and they delivered a healthy baby girl.

All the women in and around the station came out for help and all the passengers were very cooperative as the trail was put on halt for 30 mins no passengers complained and they happily helped the pregnant lady in any possible way.

They say life in Mumbai is very fast, But the people in the city of dreams always take a break and help the needy person around them. That’s the beauty of Mumbai.