A DSLR friend in a group has that much importance as Doraemon to Nobita. But have you given a thought how awesome it would be if that same person is your bae? It would be super fun to date a photographer bae.

So on behalf of all my ‘Rashtriya Single-Photographer Community’, let me brief you the 7 Reasons to Date a Photographer

7 Reasons to Date a Photographer

1: Your Instagram profile can have all your best candid shots.

Who doesn’t loves to get clicked, but making you look perfect through the lens is not an easy job. You can have unlimited photo shoots at any location without even feeling uncomfortable. (And yeah, you don’t need to pay even. xD)

2: They can find beauty in anything.

No matter it’s a beautiful lotus flower or a cactus plant, they can find beauty in anything. So you need not worry about what you should wear on a date. SIGH.


3: They can make you travel around the globe. 

With lots of inquiries from different town for shoots, and a photoholic never misses any opportunity to explore the city. So you could travel along to lot many places which you could never have done alone before. Yayy ‘Wanderlust’


4: You can easily find a gift.

There are soo many lens and gadgets that a photographer always needs. Every time there is a scarcity of some or the other thing which can be your perfect idea of gifting them on birthdays. Easyy noo.


5: They can be best to talk about life problems.

Spending more time with nature makes them a chilled person handling every problem easily. Because all they have is a different perspective to look at everything thus making your life sorted. How cooool.

6: You can have contacts in media and high societies.

Media houses & celebs being the major clients will always help you to meet them and make contacts for your venture even. (Also you can flaunt selfies with them on Instagram too. xP)


7: Never miss a moment.

With camera being with him all the time, all he will focus on you thus never missing any moment. This could be for lifelong. Now imagine at the age of 70, you both watching your cuddling love of 20. Sweetluscious noo!


I guess I did a fair job to satisfy you why a *Photographer Bae* can be the best addition in your life. If you are still after a 9-5 MBA Marketing guy, it’s high time that you should leave the planet. Haha. Juzt kidding!

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