Vallabh Vidyanagar is educational hub of Gujarat which is located between Ahmedabad and Vadodara. The very famous Sardar Patel University is in Vidyanagar which get thousand’s of new students enrolled every year to the university. You will find more number of students in this town than the local people. You will usually find students living here in hostels or renting a room or a house and staying with friends. Today we have 7 reasons why living in vallabh vidyanagar is awesome

1) Education Hub

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Known as the Education hub of Gujarat, There are number of schools and colleges in Vallabh Vidyanagar which provide quality education in both gujarati and english medium.  You can choose from various courses in under graduate and post graduate in the streams of commerce and science. Colleges in Vidyanagar are affiliated to the Sardar Patel University .

2) Climate is Always pleasant

vidyanagar first town in state to map out it's trees

Image via नंदिता ठाकुर Twitter account

With a lot of trees and greenery in and around the town, it’s neither too hot nor too cold in Vidyanagar. The climate is just perfect. Vidyanagar is first town in Gujarat state to map out it’s trees.

3) Transportation

more auto-rickshaws than cars and two wheelers in vidyanagar

Vidyanagar is very well connected to famous cities of Gujarat. You can reach Vadodara in just 30 minutes and Ahmedabad in somewhat same time. So you will find a lot of students studying in Vidyanagar from Vadodara , Ahmedabad, Nadiad etc.You will also find a lot more auto-rickshaws than cars and two wheelers in this town so travelling within the town is very easy.

4) Every shop sell puffs 

Every shop sell puffs in vidyanagar

Yes puff is the most sold food item in Vidyanagar and it is most popular snack as it is available in almost every shop at very low cost. You can find other food items like poha, maska bun and etc but puff is the most sold among all.

5) Sports

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You will see all colleges participating in inter college sports tournament. Most popular sports among students are Cricket and Football.

6) You save a lot of money as everything is very cheap

money in surat

More number of students stay in this town so the cost of living is low and you get everything at a reasonable rate. From food to living in hostel everything is affordable.

7) It’s Safe

vadodara safest city in india

Vidyanagar is cherry on the cake when it comes to safety of girls as you don’t need to worry about crime like theft, assault, and violent in this city. All you need to worry about is street dog’s biting you at the night lol.