Gujarati people in general are sweet tongued. They will always have sweet and nice things to say. Today we have 7 Ways To Impress A Gujarati Girl, A Gujarati girl is like a superwoman. She has almost all qualities a guy looks for in a girl. They posses many traits from being rather too sweet to becoming a Jhasi-ki-Rani!

7 Ways To Impress A Gujarati Girl

1) Be humble and Avoid showing off

Checkout How To Impress A Gujarati Girl

Well if you are rich enough then you might get hooked up with a girl but gujarati girl will never be running after money. Don’t show off and be kind and nice to Gujarati girl. Be the way you are and that will touch her heart.

2) Dress decently

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Jeans looks good on everyone but many girls like guys wearing formals. According to girls, Guys look hot in formals. Neat and clean dressing sense will put a very good impression on every Gujarati girl.

3) Be supportive

Checkout How To Impress A Gujarati Girl

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Gujarati girls are very emotional so if you don’t like a emotional girl then please go find some other girl. But if you really like her then be supportive and never let her down.

4) Don’t be a foodie, Instead help her cook healthy food

how to cook food for your girlfriend

5) You don’t need to have  a deep pocket have deep heart instead.

You don't need to have a deep pocket have deep heart instead

6) Speak Fluent english

speak Fluent english

It’s okay if you speak grammatically incorrect but just avoid using words like ‘babes’, baby, sweetheart . Such words will turn of any girl.

7) Be good at sports

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If you play football, cricket or any other sports then gujarati girl will surely get impressed.

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