I’hv visited this city couple of time and there is no doubt that Chandigarh is the best city to live in India.Chandigarh is the very first planned city of India and French Architect Le Corbusier has prepared it’s master plan. Chandigarh is a union territory and is also the capital city of the states Punjab and Haryana. People here are very lively who enjoy their food and booze like no other. Today we have 7 Reasons Why Living In Chandigarh Is Awesome.

1) Beautiful roads to drive on

beautiful roads of chandigarh

                           Image Source :- thehindu

You will have amazing experience driving on the roads of Chandigarh as they are beautiful and covered with trees. You will never be stuck in traffic jams like the Delhi and Mumbai traffic jams. The city is actually very small that you can reach from one place to another in minutes.

2) Well planned city

7 Reasons Why Living In Chandigarh Is Awesome

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Chandigarh is the first well planned city of india. Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier has designed the master plan, however Chandigarh Capital Project Team has designed most of the government buildings and housing under the leadership of Pierre Jeanneret.

3) Amazing Girls

chandigarh girls are beautiful

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 Chandigarh girls are the most beautiful, prettiest and the most outspoken

4) Perfect blend of ethnicity modernization

7 Reasons Why Living In Chandigarh Is Awesome

Chandigarh is the perfect combination of ethnicity and modernisation. You can find variety of food at different food courts, cafes, hotels, dhabas, university sasta cafes, bistros etc.

5) Mountains in close proximity

7 Reasons Why Living In Chandigarh Is Awesome

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6) Daru Sasti

liquor store in chandigarh

Chandigarh is a union territory so you can enjoy liquor at a very reasonable rate. But yea traffic rules in Chandigarh are very strict so please don’t drink and drive.

7) Sector 17

sector 17 chandigarh

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Even after construction of a lot of malls like Elante Mall and many other Sector 17 remains the most happening place in Chandigarh. The cool breeze from the wide open sky will let you relax when the temperature is low at night.

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