A trip to any city is incomplete without visiting some of its famous places. The present article on, 7 Best Places to Visit in Zurich is a compilation of some of the beautiful places. These are the places well known across the world. Go through the list and know about them in brief. We hope you will feel an urge to reach there after going through our comprehensive article.

Places to Visit in Zurich – Our top 7 Picks

Here are our top 7 picks for the Places to Visit in Zurich. Read about them, Know about them and plan a perfect visit to Zurich without missing any of such place.

1. Zurich Lake

Zurich Lake Places to Visit in Zurich

Source: Britannica

Situated in the South East Corner of the city, Lake Zurich is a main tourist attraction of Zurich. This lake is having a lot of greenery and pleasant atmosphere around it. You will surely get peace while watching the water.

2. Uetliberg Mountain

Uetliberg Mountain

Source: Zurich Tourism

In the Swiss Plateau, the part of Albis Chain the Uetliberg Mountain is full of scenic beauty. From one side of the mountain, you can view the beautiful Lake Zurich. While from the other side you can view the beautiful city of Zurich.

3. Museum of Art

Source: About Your Holiday Homes

Kunsthaus is the art museum of Zurich. In the museum, you can find different types of Local Art Collections of Switzerland. Some collections preserved here are also belonging to the middle ages.

4. Hauptbahnhof

Source: Wikipedia

Hauptbahnhof is the biggest railway station in Zurich. It offers connectivity of Switzerland with other European Countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

5. Church of Our Lady

Source: Trip Advisor

Fraumünster Church is the Church of Our Lady in Zurich. It is one of the biggest church in the city. Construction of the church is done way back in 11th Century and the last renovation was carried out in 1900.

6. Black Forest and Rhine Falls

Source: Lavacanza

The largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls are in the vicinity of the Black Forests. You will find a pleasant atmosphere here amid the water creatures enjoying with your friends.

7. Belvoir Park

Source: My Switzerland

Belvoir Park is basically a Villa built in the 18th Century. Now, it is among one of the biggest parks of Zurich having lush green grass all over.