Gujarat is an industrial hub. There are different types of industries here. The present article on, This company in Vadodara has gone green by installing 30kv solar plant is about one such company Aanjaney Micro-Engi Pvt. Ltd., that is creating a lot of milestones since its foundation has now become the first company in Vadodara to install 30Kv solar plant. Isn’t this amazing?

Introduction to the Aanjaney Micro-Engi Pvt. Ltd.

Aanjaney Micro-Engi Pvt. Ltd. Company in Vadodara

It is the part of AMEPL Group which was founded way back in 1987. Other incorporations of the AMEPL Group are:

  1. MARUTI ENGINEERS – ESTABLISHED IN 1987. An ISO 9000-2001 Certified Company by TUV NOIDA.
  2. MARUTI TECHNICAL SERVICES – ESTABLISHED IN 1994. An ISO 9000-2001 Certified Company by TUV NOIDA.

How installing a Solar Plant can be beneficial to us?

Installing a Solar Plant can result in a lot of benefits for you. Such as:

  • It will reduce the electricity consumption at your place. This will result in the decrement of your electricity bill by 50%. In this way, it benefits your pocket.
  • Solar energy is the renewable form of energy. It is available in abundance from the Sun. Utilizing it won’t affect the environment in any manner. Thus, we must encourage utilization of Solar Energy for various kind of purpose.
  • When all the other forms of energy will get extinct, solar will still be available to you all the time at a constant rate. So, utilizing Solar is a good idea for all of us.

Key Skills of the Aanjaney Micro-Engi Pvt. Ltd.

  • They are having experience of about 25 years in manufacturing of machine part from various materials.
  • Their team consists of expert technical engineers and skilled staff for taking up the development and manufacture of the new parts.
  • Moreover, they are also having the experience to develop cast part from green sand casting, investment casting, GDC from material like Ductile Iron, Alloy steel like SS, En-19, and aluminum alloy

Realizing the need of future, the Aanjaney Micro-Engi Pvt. Ltd. has gone green. We must appreciate the efforts of the company in Vadodara. It is contributing a lot to the conservation of the environment. We hope our article on, This company in Vadodara has gone green by installing 30kv solar plant will inspire other industries. For undertaking such activities on their site.