For the vegetarians, non-vegetarians are the wildest of creatures. Being a must-have non-vegetarian food eater, I know how my fellow meat-eaters must feel when they’re out with their vegan friends.

Vegetarians come up with the lamest of reasons why one should not eat meat. At least once, do the vegans have to advise us or at most give us “THAT” look when we’re enjoying our delicious fried chicken.

It’s our personal choice and we’d like our dear vegetarian friends to leave us alone and let us live peacefully and eat happily.


  1. Chicken Kha Kha ke moti hogai hai

And you think your oily vegetarian food or buttery cheesy paneer sabzi won’t make you fat? Chicken does not make me fat. Why don’t you leave me alone?




  1. Muje toh tumhe dekh kar he kuch hota hai

Then don’t stare at me while I’m eating meat. Infact don’t even be around me while I’m enjoying my food. Stop making those ‘feeling disgusted’ faces. I may do the same when you eat ghaas-foos.




  1. Eating Non-vegetarian food is unhealthy, you know.

No, I don’t know. And who told you eating meat is unhealthy? Have you seen any advertisements on TV or movie theatre before the movie starts saying, “Chicken khana sehat ke liye haanikarak hai”. In fact, eating fish and meat is considered better source for most of your nutrition.


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  1. The smell of your food is making me sick

DO NOT say this ever again. This sentence not only makes us hate you, but also want to never hang out with you ever again. I’m sorry, but it just makes us meat-eaters very very angry.




  1. It’s just a cruel & horrible thing that they butcher an innocent animal

And I love eating the innocent animal. Why don’t you shut up and let me enjoy the delicious chicken/fish/mutton. Do you also know that the plants and leaves that you eat, have a life too? And the yeast in curd is living bacteria that you eat every day? Why don’t you sit and feel bad about that first?




  1. Since you’re a meat-eater, you must drink and smoke too regularly?

Yeah, because eating meat is wild stuff, right? I’ve been eating non-vegetarian food since I was little and according to your perception, it means I’d be a hardcore alcoholic and smoker by this age, because meat-eaters are wild beings!




  1. God will not forgive you. Tuje paap lagega

Yes. God does not have any interest in going after the terrorists who kill people, but he WILL come after me for eating meat! Thanks for making me aware of that! Seems like you got all the answers.




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