10 Annoying Things Non-Vegetarians say to Vegetarians


Being a vegetarian is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just about non-vegetarians making you feel like an alien, but also to find a decent place to have all the delicious vegetarian delights is a task. Every time you’re out with your meat eater friends or colleagues you are sure to get some fun made out of or commented on your preference of choosing leaf instead of meat. Today we have list of 10 Annoying Things Non Vegetarians say to Vegetarians

Most of us get frustrated with the comments and silly questions these non-vegetarians bombard us with. I bet you’ve heard some or most of these before.

Annoying Things Non Vegetarians say to Vegetarians

#1 Tum exactly khaate kya ho?

Apparently to all my meat eater friends, eating vegetarian food is like eating grass. They wonder what exactly I enjoy in my Subway Sandwich! Hearing every time, we’re out. They think that eating vegetarian food is like eating nothing. It should have some real food between the bread of subway or even a salad!

#2 Tum Eggs Khaate ho toh chicken kyu nahi khaate?!

Because that is what I want to do! Why is so hard to believe that some people like meat and some don’t! And yes, I eat eggs and no meat, is that a problem?


#3 Tumhare liye paneer is chicken, no?

Yeah you wish. And no paneer is paneer and chicken is chicken. It’s not the same and I’m not going to try eating chicken thinking it’s paneer.

#4 Hum tumhe Chicken khaata kar denge!

Yeah, sure why not. Just like I can will punch you in the face and you will accept it gracefully, right?


#5 You can try the gravy, there’s no meat there.

Haha, okay. Why don’t I just eat whole meat? Just get out of my face and stop trying to convince me to eat meat.


#6 Ghar pe bhi koi nahi khata?

No. All of my family members are missing out on the best food possible. We only eat sad leafy stuff, which has no taste and “life” in it!


#7 Daaru peete ho par non-veg nahi khaate?!

Thanks, you opened my eyes. Alcohol too contains meat in it, right? And if I drink and I SHOULD be able to eat non-vegetarian food too.


#8 Chicken paneer hi hota hai, tuje bina bataye khila denge pata bhi nahi chalega

And I will then mix poison in your food, and tumhe bhi pata nahi chalega. HA HA HA.


 #9 Trees and plants are also living things, tuje tab daya nahi ati usko khaane mein?

Trees and plants do not have faces, and I don’t eat anything with a face!


 # 10 Non-vegetarian food mein zyada nutrition hota hai

Ha, and for your information, vegetarian food also has many nutrition. Mein itni bhi kamzoor nahi hu X(

We hope you liked our list of 10 Annoying Things Non Vegetarians say to Vegetarians. Do share it with your friends and tell them to grow up.

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