5 Sindhi Dishes Which Makes Sindhi Food Special

Sindhi Khana Dil Ko Chu Lia

Credits: Karan Lakhmani

Succulent, scrumptious these are the feelings when one sees sindhi food.Lets have a look at 5 sindhi dishes which makes sindhi food special:

#1. Dahi Koki: Who knew wheat can also be used to cook something hard and delicious to eat. Sindhi Koki is one of them. Koki is one of the favorite breakfast in a Sindhi house with two major variety: One with filling of Onions while another much crispier of Black Pepper salt. They taste best with a cup of Curd or masala aalu.

#2Daal Pakwaan: Only a Sindhi mom can make a boring Chana Daal so lip-smacking to eat along with crispy Pakwaans. The best part is pakwaans can be stored for longer duration which settles down your hunger every midnight.

#3. Bhori or Kutti: Sounds weird, but one of the easiest Sindhi specialty dish. This is made from crushing a chapatti along with some desi ghee and sugar. No one can make a chapatti more delicious than this. This is the most common dish in a sindhi child’s lunch box. It tastes best with a sindhi papad.

#4. Aloo Tuk: When a half potato is sprinkled with some strong spices on one side and cooked on a tava, it makes it a sindhi special. These are usually semi broken by an apple cutter or knife to give it a design as well as easy to eat.

#5. Kadhi Chawal: Talking of Sindhi delicacies, how can one forget Sindhi Kadhi. This is a mashup of all green vegetables along with some finger licking taste. This always fills up your tummy but never your heart. Only a sindhi mom can give it a best taste.

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