How much can a scoop of ice cream really cost? We never really gave it a thought about how many flavours of ice cream are available and how expensive they can be! But now if you’re wondering let me tell you that the most expensive ice cream is served in a cafe in Dubai and it costs Rs 60,000! Yes, you read it right!

Travel vlogger, Actor, and also a VJ Shenaz Treasury recently took a trip to Dubai. She stumbled upon the most expensive ice cream in the world and decided to share it with her audiences. 

The ‘Black Diamond’ ice cream which is served in a Versace bowl at Scoopi Cafe in Dubai is what she was talking about. Now, what makes this ice cream the most expensive is that this isn’t your normal vanilla or a chocolate scoop of ice cream. It is made using made from fresh Madagascar vanilla beans, Iranian saffron and black truffle. And then the ice cream is topped with 23-carat edible gold. This extravagant dessert is served in a Versace bowl with a spoon, which the customer is allowed to keep as memorabilia.

Shenaz posted an almost minute-long video on her Instagram handle with the caption, “What is the one thing money can’t buy???? 60,000 rupees for ice cream!!!! Eating GOLD. Only in Dubai. World’s most expensive ice cream. Was it tasty? Hmm, it was interesting. And yes of course they gave it to me for free hahaha”

The ice cream costs a whopping 3000 dirhams which amount to Rs 60,000. The video has gone viral on the Internet and has gained more than 3 lakhs views.

People have various reactions to this ice cream. One user said, “Planning a Dubai trip is easy than planning to eat this.” Another wrote, “I can buy the whole shop here for 60 thousand INR.”

Another one wrote, “I can visit 4 times to Spiti in 60000 rs which will feed my soul with peace and happiness.”

The cafe Scoopi in Dubai is known for its interesting and experimental flavours when it comes to food. The cafe has a whole selection of food that has gold in it. It also offers a gold-laden latte. A cup of latte is layered with a generous layer of 23-carat gold leaf. It has a charcoal Ice-Cream with edible gold, burgers topped with edible gold and for coffee lovers, it has a 23-carat edible gold coffee.


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