Good news for people of Mumbai who love to party till late night, Yes the Mumbai police has cleared the decks for permitting Pubs, Discos and Bars to open all night from now on but the Bar or Pub should not be located in residential areas.

Lets Party Mumbai - Bars, Discos And Pubs To Stay Open All Night From Now On

Rakesh Maria the Mumbai Police Commissioner told Newsline on Sunday that the move was cleared by his department about two weeks back, said an international city like Mumbai did indeed require that establishments stay open 24/7. “The proposal was cleared a fortnight ago after we were asked for our opinion by the Tourism Department. We do not have a problem as long as restaurants stay open only in non-residential areas,”.

He further added, With around 40,000 police men in the city, they are checking each bar every night. The Police Commissioner said as long as everyone follows rules and regulations their should not be any problem or issue.

Isn’t this a very good news for people of Mumbai ?