Looking for restaurants open on Christmas day 2023? You might land on an emergency on Christmas when you realize you are out of milk and can’t prepare your favorite dish or you need to buy some quick necessities because the majority of shops in San Antonio are closed on that day. Also, what do you do or where do you do when you want to feast outside on Christmas? Given below in this article are some shops and restaurants open on Christmas day, to make your life easier!

Restaurants Open On Christmas Day 2023

Let’s not waste any time and dive deep into the topic and find the list of restaurants open on Christmas Day for a perfect date.

Which Restaurants Are Open on Christmas Day 2017

1) Walgreens

Hit to your local Walgreens store in case you need to refill your home stock with some milk, juice, soda, wine, and paper products among many other things. To make it even better, at certain Walgreens stores, you can also pick up prescriptions. To be more accurate and save time, you can always go onto the website of your local Walgreens store to check when it is open on 25th December, so that you are not left out disappointed. Hence, you don’t need to worry about not being able to cook your favorite dish because you are out of milk or any other important ingredient, as Walgreens is always there to rescue you from such situations.

2) The River Walk

Although there are many fewer shops and restaurants open on Christmas Day, however, one thing that is open 24×7 is the famous San Antonio River Walk. What is more beautiful than a stroll through that area on Christmas, when the air is full of festivity and good vibes? In case you want to feast yourself and your family at one of the restaurants then don’t forget to make a reservation at the restaurant in Hotel Valencia. You can always go drinking and warm yourself up with some hot toddy at the bar as well!

3) San Antonia Zoo

Forget the shops and restaurants open on Christmas Day and hop on to the San Antonio Zoo to experience the beautiful zoo lights lit up from noon to 9 PM. It’s indeed a lifetime experience to walk under the beautiful and sparkling lights, of Lakeside Lightshow, wherein the crackling fire you can roast marshmallows and hot chocolate. In order to have some more enjoyment, you have camel rides, and ice skating lined up for you. So that you don’t get bored at Christmas, sitting at your home, the San Antonio zoo opens at 9 AM, so go out and enjoy good family time!

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4) Biga On The Banks

When it comes to the restaurants open on Christmas day, one place you can surely not miss out on is Biga on the Banks. In case, you don’t want to stress out yourself by cooking on Christmas; you can always vouch for the special menu served by this restaurant on Christmas. So don’t wait, hurry up and check out their special menu on their website and grab your favorite dish!

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5) Fredrick’s Bistro

Count on Fredrick’s Bistro in the restaurants open on Christmas Day, and you will never be disappointed. This restaurant has emerged as the winner of the 2017 Reader’s Choice Award for the Best French Restaurant in San Antonio.  Don’t waste any more time and hop onto their website to check out the lip-smacking and eye-rolling Christmas menu that they have prepared for you. Don’t forget to check out the timings and hours as well!

6) Grand Hyatt San Antonio

If you are done with the Riverwalk, then the next place that you can hop onto is the Grand Hyatt in San Antonia, which is just a short distance from there. It is considered to be one of the best destinations for Christmas Day. Another restaurant open on Christmas Day is the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse which is located in the Hyatt and serves amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a regular basis. In case you doubt, check out the menu on their website and feast your eyes first! In case, you don’t want to overload yourself with much food and just want to enjoy some amazing cocktails, then the next place to hit there is Bar Rojo. So what are you waiting for, Christmas?

7) The Movies

Nobody can deny how Christmas afternoon is meant for some movie time with family. Some of the best Hollywood movies in almost all genres release during Christmas to provide you the ideal family time. What is better than munching on a basket full of popcorns and enjoying a splendid movie with your Christmas buddies? However, it is always better to stay on the safer side and book the tickets in advance for your favorite show as movie watching is everyone’s famous Christmas activity and it is difficult to not come across a house full during that time. So, get, set, ready and enjoy the best of the Hollywood flicks with your buds and family members and make the most of your time with them!

Wrap up on Restaurants open on Christmas Day 2023

We hope you found our post useful and now know which restaurants to go to and have the best Christmas dinner. We hope you have the best Christmas of your life. We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020. Cheers!