5 Lip Smacking Biryanis To Make Your Day


When you hear the word biryani, the clock stops to tick and you just go in the dreamland of this scrumptious dish. Those who are rice lovers, they must thank the people who invented biryani and for those who don’t like rice, well let your taste buds in for a treat. Check out these 5 lip  smacking biryanis to make your day.


#1. Lucknowi Biryani

This succulent dish is coming from the narrow streets of Lucknow. The rice is prepared with herbs and spices first, then the marinated chicken is added later. This is done to give the dish a perfect blend of rice and chicken. Can’t miss it for the world. 


#.2 Hyderabadi Biryani

If heaven had a another name, it would be Hyderabad. It is a tangy and piquant dish, this biryani is blended with kewda, rose water and saffron. The rice is covered with golden fried onions, chillies, blazy chicken and mint leaves. This dish is commonly enjoyed with raita.


#.3 Mughlai Biryani

The mecca of biryanis, the Mughlai Biryani is originated from the kitchens of the Nawabs. It is prepared with curd, tender chicken pieces, almond paste, ghee, blazy green chillies and dry fruits. It is the dish for the royals and scrumptious in taste.


#4. Awadhi Biryani

This one is the talk of the town amongst all vegetarian biryanis. All the spices are roasted to give the dish a tangy taste. It is served with ginger raita to give you a pleasant taste.

#5. Kolkata Biryani

Just like every other bengali dish, this biryani has a sweet taste to it. The spices which are used are much milder as compared to other biryanis. The key ingredient here is potato in this mouth watering dish. It is topped with soft boiled eggs and mutton.

What are you waiting for? Try out these yummy dishes today !  

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