In Tamil Nadu, it is very shocking to see that one of the shopkeepers selling one of the popular food items “Kauwa Biryani” in the name of chicken biryani and fooling customers. There is a temple in Rameshwaram where lots of devotees visit regularly and those who visit regularly observe many things and one day they observed that the crows of that area are decreasing rapidly and suspected that something is fishy.

2 People Arrested in Tamil Nadu For Serving Crow Meat To Chicken Vendors

After following those crows they came to know the few people used to feed rice to crows on a regular basis and after eating those rice, the crow gets unconscious.

The member of the temple community found that the poisonous rice was given to crows and later those crows when they get unconscious, the poachers used to take those crows and sell them to vendors. After knowing the entire scenario police started investigating the place and started interrogating the chicken sellers and ploce found that those chicken vendors used to sell chicken biryani but actually that was not chicken meat, the was crow meat that people were eating.

The shopkeepers were selling the meat of crows as chicken lollipop and chicken biryani to the customers at a cheaper price and they were earing a good amount also. They used to mix the crow meat with the chicken and used to serve it to customers. Further, when police caught both the people who were responsible to kill many crows arrested them and during the investigation procedure they found out that they have killed more than 100 crows.

No wonder roadside food is delicious but biryani lovers should always prefer non-veg from a good and affordable restaurant. Never ever compromise with the quality of food.