It is very often that we arrange to get together parties at our home on weekends with friends or family members. But before we serve hard drinks in the party, we should be aware of few laws otherwise, it can create an issue for us in the near future.

In Maharashtra, if there are more than 10 people in the party then it is very necessary to take liquor permission otherwise one can get arrested and that one will be the person who is responsible for serving liquor. Even if you are going to drink liquor with food or doing self-consumption then also it is mandatory to take permission.

Serving Liquor At Home in Maharashtra Might Send You In Jail : Take Permission Before You Serve

If you are caught serving liquor to more than 10 people in the party, it can lead you to pay a huge amount in terms of spending few days in jail or in the worst case your liquor can get seized.

In the most populated state Maharashtra, Mr. Vinay Shrinke who is the deputy superintendent of state Excise Department of Mumbai city said that the actions are only taken when anyone is complaining against the people who are serving liquor otherwise the police won’t interfere in the situation to unnecessarily harras the people.

If you want to have a grand party at lawn, building or compound then it is must take permission to make sure that people around are not having any trouble by getting liquor served. Otherwise, if any person complains, it will be trouble for you. To take the permission of serving liquor, you can either go with the online permission procedure or you can opt for the offline procedure.

The permission fees to serve liquor for 1 year is 100 rupees whereas if you want to take lifetime permission then you need to pay Rs.10,000/-. All you need to do is show the correct identity documents and your request to get liquor serving permission will be approved.