15 Hilarious things that occur in an Alcohol Party in Gujarat


If you’re a Gujju or if you’re having any Gujju friend, you might be familiar with their love for alcohol. The present article is on 15 Hilarious things that occur in an Alcohol Party in Gujarat. Which you too might’ve experienced. Go through them and share with your drinking buddies.

Alcohol Party in Gujarat – Which Hilarious Things Take Place

These are some common things which might happen while having Alcohol Party in Gujarat.

1. And we have the party when no one is at home.

2. Calling and Arranging the Alcohol from Bootleggers or from Defence Personnel.

Source: Mumbai Theatre Guide

3. “Daaru leva javu”

Even that is a tough task. On one hand, you are afraid of the police. On the other hand, you are careful that your relative or neighbours doesn’t catch you.

4. Demands in Alcohol Party in Gujarat

Some will demand Beer (You only have an option of Haywards) and some will go for Whiskey (Here, you have Royal Stag) in Alcohol Party in Gujarat.

5. Getting Biting and Disposal from the Shopkeeper

It can be a challenging task for you. You might end up setting strange looks from him.

6. Now another challenge “Jagya nu Setting”

7. Common Dialogue “Maap ma pije, chaddi ni bhar javaani jarur nathi.”

We all have those friends who get crazy after having a couple of pegs. It is necessary to take their extra care while Alcohol Party in Gujarat.

8. One more Condition while Alcohol Party in Gujarat

Ghar ma koi funkta na. Dhaaba par jaje cigarette piva. After all smoking and drinking are made for each other. These laws are made to be broken.

9. The Dry Friend

friend who does not drink

And we all have a friend who doesn’t drink, but will still be the part of your party. In case if you all are down, he will be your caretaker. He will charge in having biting and cold drinks.

10. Warning

Don’t remember your love or girl. They all decide. But they end up talking about girlfriend or ex. And some brave hearts even call her.

11. It’s time for Cheers

Here we don’t have cheers. And we make sure that there isn’t much sound while drinking. Baaju wada ne khabar padi gai to a pan aai jase.

12. Warning: “Don’t drink too much”

Pivaay etlu pijo, ulti na karta koi. It’s a warning you all will get in the beginning while alcohol party in Gujarat.

13. Gaanda, tu bhai che aapdoAlcohol Party in Gujarat

14. Jamvanu Setting

alcohol party in gujarat

Pidha pachi bhukh to laagvani. Jamvanu setting bhaibandh ni hotel par.

15. Aaje taaro bhai gaadi chalaavse

And the dialogue of the one who is high the most. Gaadi chalaavse nai udaavse.

If you too relate with this, share with your drinking buddies.

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