Schools are constantly looking for ways to generate interest among parents, students, and community members. Promoting school events is one of the best ways to do this. To make your event stand out you need innovative ideas that engage the audience and show what they will gain by attending.

Promote Your School Events

Infographics are one of the best, yet most underrated, ways to market your event. They provide information in a way that is easy to understand and share with others. By using infographics you can promote your event and increase attendance.

Here are ten ways to use infographics to promote school events:

1) Providing information about the event.

An infographic about your school’s upcoming event will give people a reason to attend by providing all of the important details. You can use infographics to highlight things like entertainment, speakers, and other special guests. Make sure you include key times so it is easy for parents to keep track of all events.

2) Show how it will benefit students.

Parents are always looking for ways to help their children succeed so infographics are a perfect avenue to show what students can gain by attending your school’s event. You want to highlight the benefits of listening to speakers, participating in activities, and learning new skills that they can apply to the classroom.

3) Providing information about the school.

If parents are unsure of what your school has to offer it can be difficult to gain their support for future events. You want people in the community to know all the things your school does so they will want their children to attend. By using infographics you can show parents everything from academic success stories to school activities and after-school programs.

4) Providing a map of the event location.

Parents need to know where your facility is located.  An infographic with a map included will show parents how easy it is to find your school and provide them with all the information they need for the day of the event.

5) Showing how to get there.

People want to know the best way to get to your school, especially if you are hosting an event at a new venue.  By creating an infographic that shows all of the public transportation options it is easy for parents and students to access your facility no matter where they live.

6) Providing directions.

Parents won’t know where to go if you don’t provide clear details about how to get from the parking lot to the event.  An infographic about getting around your school will make anyone feel at ease knowing they can arrive without a problem.

7) Providing registration information.

People aren’t going to attend your event if they don’t have the necessary information to sign up.  To get more people into your event you need to provide clear instructions about how parents, teachers, and students can register.

8) Providing important information.

If you are hosting a large event it is important that all participants know what is expected of them on the day of the event.  An infographic with vital information is an easy way to get everyone prepared.

9) Providing anything they might need for the day.

Parents will need things like food, drinks, and umbrellas if your event occurs during less than ideal weather conditions.  By using infographics you can provide all of this essential information in one convenient graphic.

10) Providing the location of all bathrooms, food courts, and restrooms.

Parents need to know where everything is located during an event so they can easily access anything they might need for themselves or their children.  An infographic with such information will make everyone feel more comfortable about your event because it provides them with a map.

One great tip when making infographics is to use Venngage — a free infographic maker that provides a wide range of infographic templates for everyone. To give you an idea, here are some cool infographic examples from their website!