Well being a gujarati child we have experienced it all from fafda jalebi to undhiu rotlo but the most epic part about being a Gujarati is the when your parents tell you to get serious about life. Here is a list of common doialogus said by gujarati parents.

1) Amne na sikhvadis, Tara karta vadhare Diwali ame joyi che !

happy diwali image

pappa ne su khabar, fatakda toh apdej vadhare fodia che pan 😛

2) saame javab naa aap, naffat thai gaio che tu

arguing with parents

3) Paisa jaad per nathi ugta, aa mari mehnat no paiso che

spending dads money

4) Paisa kamava bahar nikdo etle bhaan pade !

make your own money

5) Kyarek to chopda lai ne vanchva bes

study for exam

6) bhaibandho sathe rakhadva nu ocho kar ane kaam per dhyan aap

hanging out with friends


7) Tari maa ej tane bagadio che !

mom pampering child

8) Sudhri ja ane bhavashya nu vichar

8 Common Dialogues Said By Gujarati Parents

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