Flipkart’s office has one of the most wonderful working environment among all the companies in india. Flipkart’s office campus in Cesna Buisness Park, Bangalore is 2 million-sq-ft in space and has 11 floors with game zones, miniature golf area, library, recreational areas and many various other installations.

Floor themes vary from technology, science, literature to art, advertising, cinema, music and more. Now in recent times indian startups are inculcating from Silicon Valley. May be this move by Flipkart will help in hiring more skilled employees and keep them in proper state of mind at work or may be it is about pride for the e-commerce giant to have such an epic office campus.

Now that Flipkart has  everything which can attract new and smart talent, we hope that they would solve the next big challenge (employee boredom). We have a complete video which shows quick look into the cool new office of the e-commerce giant .



Video Source :- Youtube