If you are a Hollywood movie lover, then you don’t need an introduction about what dialogue it is, and from which movie. But, if your knowledge about Hollywood movies is nil, then you won’t be able to understand what this meme is about. So, before we proceed, and see the funny You have no power here Memes, let us inform you that You Have No Power Here is one of the most popular dialogues from the very popular movie “Lord of the rings”.

The Lord of Rings is an epic fantasy film that has over a million lovers, and still, people leave all their tasks in order to watch the movie whenever it is telecasted. There are millions of crazy You Have no Power here memes that you will find.

50+ Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

Summer vacation

You Have No Power Here Memes

Donald Trump

Super PAC

Clean your apartment


Bro, can I borrow your computer?

Online class

Teacher outside school

Star wars

White house and beyonce

Sports car in traffic

Your Plans..


You Have No Power Here Memes


You Have No Power Here Memes

Teacher outside school

You Have No Power Here Meme

No Powers!!

When you watch the movie, you will see King Thoden speaking this ultra-popular dialogue, and now the meme creators are using this famous dialogue to create funny memes on it that you can exchange with people you fight a lot with. Here, fight refers to the cuddles, and fun that you all do together, and not the actual one.

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The List of Most Funny You Have More Power Here Memes

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