You Will Relate To This Incredibly Spot-On Poem About Life If You Are An Introvert


Do you get irritated with extrovert-introvert’ talk? Are you a extrovert or an introvert ? Well almost everyone of us are confused and that is known as ambivert. But the point is does extrovert understand introvert ? or we can even flip the words and say does introverts understand extroverts ?

We stand in a corner in a party and look into our mobile phones either surfing the net or playing games just because we are shy ! Shy people are usually overshadowed by the people who are open to speaking and can connect with people very well.

No shy person can express what it feels like to be an introvert ! But Rabia Kapoor, the daughter of famous actor Rajat Kapoor has spoken openly about what’s happening in the mind’s of introvert people and she totally nailed it with a poetry.

Rabia only has one message for all those socially loud, limelight hungry and attention-seeking people, “Fuck you!”.

Cheers to Rabia … you totally nailed it !

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