Your wedding is arguably one of the most significant events in your life, and it’s one where hundreds of photos are taken to preserve the moment.

However, many people receive the photos and then leave them in a dusty corner of their computer, not knowing what to do with them. Instead of the beautiful photos fading into obscurity, here are some ways you can display them.

Five Ways to Display Wedding Images

There are many ways to display your wedding images and ensure the day’s joy is never forgotten. Let the memories of the special day come to the forefront with these ways to show your photos.

Share Your Images

Share your wedding images on social media. Look through your photos and organize them before choosing a few favorites to post on Instagram. Create a more extensive Facebook album to post most of the images instead of spamming your Instagram feed with them all. It also means you have the pictures stored on the cloud if your computer breaks down.

Album Book

Once you’ve shared the images, create a hard copy of them by creating an album. Many professional companies print wedding albums; some even do so using your social media accounts. Websites like allow you to create a wedding album directly off your Instagram or Facebook with no fuss.

Gallery Wall

If you have wall space in your home, think about creating a gallery wall. This is the start of your life with your significant other, so start it together by displaying the wedding day in your home. Find beautiful frames, choose a few of your favorite photos and create a beautiful photo wall. If you don’t have the wall space, you can still frame a few of the best images to place on your dresser or side tables.

Make Cards

Use the images to create photo cards that can be used as thank you cards for your guests or holiday greeting cards. There are many ways to use the photos to create small thank you gifts or cards. This is an even better idea to include the family and friends that couldn’t attend the wedding.

Create Decorative Items

It’s not just photos you can print using your images. You can also create fun decorative items. Some great ideas include creating a customized puzzle, a wedding photo box, a pillow cover, coffee mugs, or calendars. You can utilize your images in many creative ways to ensure they don’t go to waste.

No More Photos Gathering Dust

You’ve chosen a great photographer for the day and spent much of your wedding following their directions to get the best photos capturing your memories. It’s a shame to let them be hidden away from the world in a dusty computer file, so we looked at different ways you can display your images.

From creating a wedding album to a personalized decorative item, there are many things you can do with your wedding photos after the big day is past. Just because your special day is in the past doesn’t mean your memories have to be.